a few of my favourite things

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It's nice getting to know people a bit better here.

I love to knit and wish I had more time. This work thing gets in the way of me finishing projects.
I love music. Lately I've been singing every night. I've sung Vivaldi, Verde, Willan and Monty Python. As you can imagine, my taste in music is broad.
I love to explore and travel. I love learning new things about places and people.
I love reading, and have recently discovered the joy of reading while knitting. Yay for audio books!!
I like dark coffee and good black tea. Irish breakfast is my favourite.
I used to say I was a cat person. Now that I've lived with a couple of dogs, I appreciate both dogs and cats, and enjoy having them in my life.
I enjoy being creative, and again, wish I had more time for that.
I'm bumping this in case people needed a reminder for their virtual secret Santa gift. I needed one. :barefoot:
Just in case you have me Northwind-not only what I posted upthread but I am enjoying foxes and owls this year.
Yes despite him saying he is gone until April-a literal reading would be that he is not posting until April. He can't stay away and was back that day just watching.
Is it a co-incidence that Jae's new avatar resembles @crazyheart's so much?

Who can know?

Will try to remember to ask him when he returns.
IMHO 'leaving' means no more involvement - no starting threads or responding to them. No 'like'. I wouldn't go so far as to say that the person leaving couldn't check in occasionally, but following along regularly would mean the person hadn't really left.
Jae hasn't left. He is refraining from posting-funny how much attention he manages to get even when he isn't being active. He was here in the last hour.