2016/01/01: Day 103 - Rear View Mirror

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Well 2015 didn't go exactly as I had anticipated, but what a series of events.


It started with work craziness and pulling more rabbits out of hats to meet insane deadlines and support new resources overwhelmed by the scope of what they had taken on.

Feb was a welcome break with fun times in Florida with T, H, A & G, including riding a moped!

By the spring and throughout the year, many of my go-to's, the design leads, directors, and managers sought and found other employment and so the series of good-byes that would run through the year started.

The summer came with a surprise as G moved to Newfoundland to work as a full-time paramedic.

The joy and excitement of a trip to Asia with T, and the planning for retirement were changed as I started down another journey in July. The diagnosis of cancer, and then the execution of the treatment plan had me surrounded and supported by so many wonderful folks that have accompanied me and helped our family.

Calls for reservists to help with refugee settlement made us adjust to the realization that M might also be flying the coop.

The flood in our basement the week before Christmas is a minor hiccup providing opportunity for some renovations...but what a crazy way to end the year.

Although I have plans and desires for 2016, 2015 has reminded me that flexibility and enjoying life is key. We never know when life can change drastically.

Hoping that you have a wonderful 2016, with planned & unplanned events, time with friends and time with family. Peace to you all.
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