2015/11/25: Day 66 - Two weeks post treatment

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Each week I can see improvements as my body returns to normal.

The "up all night with GI issues" are less frequent as is fecal incontinence. I was asked if I knew the triggers. I am fairly sure citrus and stress both are. I am not introducing nuts yet.

I can stand or walk longer without exhaustion. I even made some applesauce for the freezer this week

Naps are still part of the daily routine. I fall asleep watching Netflix and wake up and have to determine which episode I was on when I fell asleep.

I have internal aches and pains as I heal.

I am aware some are curious when will I know. To be clear, I don't completely know. I will see my oncologist mid- December. I believe that I will have an MRI before.

I am aware that just like diagnosis took months, that an all clear will take years of follow up appointments. I am doing everything to heal properly to the best of my ability.

I am reminded by friends there will be scary days in the months and years ahead. I am reminded that radiation has consequences.

I also know that things can strike anyone down. That this life is meant to be lived.

I am planning for the best but aware that s**t happens. (literally and figuratively).

It is all we can do