2015/11/17: Day 58 - One week post treatment

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Yesterday I decided to head to the mall. I did one lap of it with a bit of shopping accomplished and a short sit down at the one store. I had a sense of accomplishment with a few gifts purchased for Christmas.

After resting for a few minutes , I decided to go to homesense.if anyone hears of the person who looked like they were asleep in the side aisle sitting on one of the chairs with their head on the shopping cart handle, well, I swear I wasn't sleeping, only resting my eyes. (hah - right T, D)

The good news is that the fatigue is less and I felt well enough for the mall.

In addition, GI issues are improving. Though no where near normal, I am more comfortable which I am thankful for. Even though last night was rough, it was like week 3's rough as compared to week 6.

I have decorated for Christmas earlier than I have ever done as it something easily done in short bursts of energy. I am hoping that in a few weeks I may even feel up to standing and baking. It is important for me to be active.

So, overall the healing is going well and I look forward to seeing what I can do by next week.

Whether I be in the living room, rec room, bedroom, or office...this guy is typically at my feet.

I have no allusions to that being still the case when G is home.

Gentle snores and a good companion - Chevy