2015/11/10: Day 51 - The Last of the Last

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"wonderwoman" in the day surgery area modelling the new outfit from workmates in milwaukee. (note: this is before drugs!)
11-10 ww.jpg

Right down to the toes....
11-10 socks.jpg

Complete with insignia on cape
11-10 cape.jpg

Surprise for the technicians this morning. Brought a laugh. It says "Woot! Done." and "Thank you "


Ringing the bell for the last of the last. 5/5 chemotherapy, 25/25 external radiation, 4/4 HDR brachytherapy

and the crowd goes wild.
This was prior to projectile vomiting, but, hey...that was also a first but figured you didn't need a photo of it.
11-10 bell.jpg

Sleep is my friend. More in the days to follow. All is well.
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The joy was shared by others.
Came home from last treatment to this fun balloon bouquet from my brother and s-i-l. Smiles all the way around