2015/10/27: Day 37 Woot, #2 brachytherapy done.

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No long post today, just the celebration of #2 being done and the previous catch up from Monday.
Also, I got the toes all ready for brachytherapy today. Had a white flower added this morning.
(teal and white is the colour for cervical cancer).


A special callout to JG who is a year ahead of me in cervical cancer treatment.


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That's one great pedicure you have there
Thanks @paradox3 . Given my feet were up in the stirrups for as long as they were and handled by as many technicians as they were, i figured it didn't hurt to have nice looking toes. (Gave something to talk about too).

I do miss pedicures. Haven't been to one since COVID started. (This photo was from treatment, back in 2015.

ps. So nice to know that there are people reading these posts. Thanks for the reply.