2015/10/27: Day 36 (Monday) - A new day

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Sleep was intermittent and the morning was not starting well, with the shower broke, every room a disaster and my grumpiness and pains continuing. Of course, every room was NOT a disaster, the living room and our bedroom were calm.

The shower turned out to be well and truly toast, requiring a sawz-all to cut the faucet off to get at the rig, but….showers were available by 10am! Thank goodness. Truly.

T finished putting the bedroom together and it is wonderful. A working office and a comfy spot to stay. The cleaners arrive and the other rooms are clean again. Almost time to head for treatment. If you see me walking, you would say..hmmm, that person is having a problem. In conversations with nursing teams and friends, this item is part of the process and it will get better.

At Juravinski, got the blood work done, and then # 24 out of 25 of the external radiations. I visited with a lovely woman who I have chatted with before. She is tired. She has a much harder treatment plan and is clearly much sicker than I am. We talk about nothing and everything. I know not what to do, other than to be present and chat when there. She is on my mind, as are other regulars.

The pain has been constant most of the day. Not excruciating, don’t get me wrong. Just a constant “ouch that hurts”. Sitting in the car actually seems to be a good position, so happy to drive around while T pops into a few stores for things we forgot. We laugh that I am like Mom. Mom would go so far, then just sit in the car and rest while we shopped. It is all good. No rush. I am fine to just relax and watch the world around me.

We get home and I have a dishwasher! Woot! Now that is exciting. T & I snacked on some turkey kielbasa, cheese, crackers and apples. The “TupperWare” cupboard contents were sitting on the counter, so I decided to stand and look at it. Nice, easy task. Sort to “keep”, “give”, “garbage”.

Now, comes the TMI part. I am leaning about the role of the anus, rectum, internal and external sphincters, blood supply, and the words “fecal incontinence”.

Eating, then, 5 min of standing and my body decided it would evacuate itself, NOW. At some point, you have to laugh and accept the fact that some things are not in your control.
On the plus side, it wasn’t painful and it happened at home. On the plus side, I have working shower and washing machine. On the even more plus side, it may have helped to relieve the pressure that was causing some of the pain.

A few hours of relaxation, some food from Red Basil and I fell asleep on the couch for 3 hours. I woke up to less pain, less blood and a quiet house as everyone is asleep.

I also woke up to the support of friends from my “grumpy Sunday” post.

So, today was a better day.

Tomorrow is a brachy day.

Thursday is last external radiation.

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Mar 22, 2021
Things that happen during the journey include redecorating. K finished our room and T redid G's. The spare room is "Irish spring" from Benjamin Moore.

room1.jpg room2.jpg room3.jpg room4.jpg