2015/10/26: Day 35 (Sunday) revisited - Today

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On Day 35, I started a post on timeline; from discovery to diagnosis to staging and planning.

I never got it done.

I never got it done, coz I should have written a post like the one that follows.

Today, I am grumpy.

Today, I am sick of not being able to do things.

Today, I don’t want to watch T paint. I want to do it. I want to paint and help.

Today, I am not fun to be around.

Today, I am sick of my butt hurting. I can’t figure out if I should be taking immodium or dulcalex or just ride the ride. I can’t find a comfortable spot to be. I hurt. I think my cervix hurts, but maybe it is just my whole pelvic area hurts.

I don’t want to read or colour.

Today, T is doing tons and I feel bad.

Today, K is working on putting the dishwasher in. Mi is helping T and K and avoiding my mood.

Today, I can’t get comfortable.

Today, I am just downright miserable to be around.

I got distracted by Walking Dead.

I finally fell asleep for 3 hours in the chair.

I woke up at 1 am and had to go to the washroom, nice time for the bowels to once again to decide to dump themselves.

I went for the shower afterwards.

I pulled up the rod to send the water to the shower head…..and the &%$%&$*& thing came right out in my hand.

We have one washroom.

I kneeled on the floor and cried.

I was fed up.

Then, I breathed.

I got creative on how to relax.

I had a sitz bath.

I went back to bed.

Today, I was a grump.

I am reminded of my friend, Jean Little’s poem Today.
Today by Jean Little

Some days are just like that.



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Mar 22, 2021
10/26: Awesome to see T's scarves on display and to have a guitarist for a change in the cafe.
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