2015/09/30: Day 10 or “when do I get those pot brownies?”

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Chemo impacts the division of cells. That’s a good thing if you are fighting cancer. I have squamous cell carcinoma of the cervix, staged at 2B. Approximately 2cm in size, it had just started its journey past the cervix. Surgery was no longer the best option once it had started to expand territory. It’s a slow growing cancer probably caused by HPV (forewarning: a rant is building about vaccines & women’s health). The treatment plan is chemoradiation therapy with a prognosis of cure.

As I write these daily logs, I’m aware that I have it easy. There are cancers that are truly monsters with hope only for time – not mine. There are treatments that are worse and long-term challenges more severe than mine. I have no fear for my children or grandchildren like those with genetic cancers . I have strong support, financially stable, excellent government health care, workplace disability insurance and live in S. Ontario near exceptional facilities.

So, I can write this stuff. I am one of the lucky ones. Others have it much worse. I don’t speak for them. I give a glimpse to the world; but, know that I am only seeing a glimpse. I am damn thankful and become more aware of that each & every day.mj_cannabis-brownies.jpg

I write that to say…remember, each journey is different.

Be kind. Be open. Listen to the person and team.

So, now, a bit about chemo.

I get what I call chemo-lite. Cisplatin is my drug, but, it is a lesser infusion than someone for whom chemo was their primary treatment. I’m not expected to lose my hair for example.


Don’t get me wrong, it’s a serious drug. My bodily wastes are considered toxic for 7 days. Gloves are now in our house should vomit have to be cleaned up. Lysol to wash toilet. Double flushing is the order of business.

The goal of the chemo is to be an assist to the radiation and stop the cancer cells from dividing…but it doesn’t just tell my cancer cells to hold up. It stops other fast cells, like the ones on the inside of my mouth and in my blood marrow, including the hips with their uber skills at blood replenishment but being impacted by radiation.

Blood counts are watched closely for platelets, white cells, red cells, hemoglobin ... the list goes on. Gargling is done 4x / day with baking soda or salt and teeth brushed with baking soda. Mouth sores are the enemy of a chemo patient.

I get infusion of 2 hrs of fluids, then, 1hr of chemo, then an 1hr of fluids to protect the kidneys. Folks like S and T help the time pass.

The variety in the chemo rooms is interesting. There are people with gel booties and mitts which I now understand are to help them keep fingernails and toenails (much more pleasant than ice baths for hands). There are people getting red chemo injected into the line via a nurse due to the requirement for oversight to ensure does not go into surrounding tissue. There are people there for 15min, and those for whole day. Some people have hair, some don’t. Some are weak, others aren’t. Some are there daily, others weekly, others rarely. Each is different.

I know there is a fear of chemo: “I’ve heard the treatment is worse than the cure”. I will say that so far I have seen no one suffering during chemo treatment, before or after. Nor, sadly, have I seen anyone eating brownies, let alone offering them to other patients. * Aside * Film 50/50 – damn you for setting me up on that one with your weed macaroons.* When I laughed about medical marijuana being a plus out of this one, my gyn-oncologist said “nah, our drugs our better”. Yeah, seems so.

So, for those wondering – yeah, sorry, no pot to share at my house, and nope…no need either.

Hey, sorry to disappoint.
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Mar 22, 2021
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Many friends shared offered of brownies, both with and without.

Also, my treat to me came in the mail today. A much lighter bag for chemo and brachytherapy days, with room for lots, but no extra weight. Tested a load today and it was super light and easy. Plus it is pretty.

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