Explanation of the specialty forums

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Specialty forums are forums built around specific topics or themes. The current set of specialty forums gives good examples of this:

  • WC2 Study Groups - hosts threads for book discussions or other themed studies (e.g. Paradox3's Gospel of Luke study)
  • Guest Speakers - hosts discussions focussed on the interests or expertise of specific posters or invited guests (e.g. RitaTG's thread on trans questions)
  • UCCan Talk - discussion of the United Church of Canada, its polity, activities, etc. (other denominational forums could be possible and would be set up similarly)
  • In Memoriam - a place to commemorate current or former members of WC and WC2 who have passed on

Due to their tighter focus, there may be additional rules in these forums and the threads they host. These will generally be in a sticky thread at the top of the forum. Moderation will also be stricter in these forums, especially as regards off-topic posts and derails. We have set these forums up with their own permissions separate from the general forums. This allows moderators to remove someone from a given specialty forum while allowing them to continue using other forums. Reply-bans for specific threads may also be used in some cases.