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  • Thank you for continuing 2 b a light for your fellow human being
    Looking forward to your first TEDx talk (baby steps lol)
    I don't even know how I could possibly be picked for a TEDx talk :)
    I am just a simple woman with simple views :)
    Hi, Rita. Haven't seen you in a while. Hope you are well and life isn't throwing any big curves at you. :D
    Rita, Do you know the Rev. Bill Steadman? I think he is now doing supply preaching in Sudbury, right? Back in the 1970s, he was my student assistant at Willowdale UC, for quite some time. Later, he served as an associate--a great help to the work there. We became good friends. With just over 40 yrs service I retired from WUC and the UC, Dec 31, 1993. www.lindsayking.ca
    Hello Rev Lindsay...
    I am just getting more familiar with the Sudbury area Rev family :)
    Bill Steadman ..... the name seems very familiar.
    I do much better with faces.
    I will ask Rev Erin Todd to point him out for me :)
    Thank you for your service and may your retirement be joyful and full :)
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