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Hi pontifex, its the one "wc loves to hate", iain is my birth name. you probably know who i am, im in a "not very good disguise" right is everything? i see airclean33 seems to be not posting for quite a while.

My Bible study(ing) has continued all these years. i feel quite equipped to handle many things in relation to the message of the Gospels.

Before winter is out i would like to resolve the arminian vs calvinism mostly trying to understand their positions and conflict at this point. I think the issue with calvinism may be many's read/understanding on "Grace" and the issue with arminians in relation may be their read/understanding on "Grace".

I think there is not much common left to resolve...

I have found that issues are actually non issues when looked at.....from somes understanding that all nonBelievers are automatically seperated from the Father somes misunderstanding that there is a Paul vs James conflict.

Its interesting to see commonly misundertood/short scoped view of aspects of the Gospel sorted out..

from the magi visits to how many visits Jesus cleared the temple to Simon Peter had met Jesus and Jesus being introduced to him as Messiah, before Simon Peter left the boat to follow when Jesus came back around the area.

The timelines work just fine too...for example...

you can work out where John chapter 1 fits in the timeline within the other Gospels (for example John 1:35-51 occurs after Jesus is tempted in wilderness and before John is put in prison. can actually pinpoint more than that)

i do find it sad when i see the same people (pretending?) to struggle to understand the same things for many many years and are in same spot. UCCan trait?

If all else fails, try love and forgiveness. Better yet...try it before the fail.
Accept the seasons of your heart, even as you have always accepted the seasons that pass over your fields.” - Khalil Gibran