The Third Baptism - January 13 2019 sermon


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I have to say that we had a great Sunday. Over the last couple of years we've had a lot of people checking us out, and today we bore some fruit from that, as 19 people joined our congregation through transfer and/or profession of faith. That was, I think, the largest group of new members I've ever welcomed into a church at any one time. We do have a few others who've expressed a desire for membership, and a few teenagers for whom we'll have to organize a confirmation class. Into the mix I offered my thoughts on the story of the baptism of Jesus, and especially the words of John the Baptist that the Messiah would baptize "with fire." That's uncomfortable language, and worth challenging, and at a service celebrating maturity in faith (represented by the profession of faith of the new members) it seemed appropriate.

The Third Baptism