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Supporting Wondercafe2

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Wondercafe2 was founded to be an open, welcoming community where we can discuss the big questions and share some time together. As such, we do not charge for membership nor do we have paid "upgrades" or "premium members" as some forums do. Every member is a full member and there is no charge for that membership.

This means, however, that the board has no formal revenue stream. It relies on the generosity of its members to pay the costs of operating the site. And while those costs are small relative to many Internet sites, especially since we have volunteer sysadmins to do work that other sites pay for, they do exist.

These are primarily (but not limited to) software maintenance for Xenforo so we have access to tech support and upgrades, hosting costs to have Crocweb provide us with a server and Internet (the "rent" if you like), and occasional costs such as engaging Russ, our designer, to do fix ups to our style and templates.

Our goal for this year would be come up with CAD$500 which would cover the work needed to upgrade us to Xenforo 2.1 and leave some money to help us cover the hosting costs. Our maintenance is now paid up to January 2021 as we took advantage of a sale Xenforo had at the end of last year.

There is no obligation on anyone to give, but if you wish to contribute, please contact @Mendalla or email wondercafe2adm@gmail.com and let us know how you want to send the money (we can do Paypal, eTransfer, or good old-fashioned cheques) and whether you want to be acknowledged by username on our WonderPatrons page (if not, you will be added to the total number of anonymous donors).

Want to know who has contributed? See the WonderPatrons page, where we acknowledge and thank our supporters from throughout the history of Wondercafe2.

Thanks to all who have given of their time and resources to help make Wondercafe2 live on!

Your Wondercafe2 Council

(As this is an announcement, this is a closed thread. For comments or questions, open a thread or send a conversation to @Mendalla, who is acting as treasurer.)
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And I am fairly sure I am missing some names on the Wonderpatrons page. Still digging through some old emails and records to confirm.
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