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Some of you from the original Wondercafe might remember a p oster named Punkins. Sadly, she passed away suddenly earlier this week. She didn't post in WC2, but some might still recall her posts from before.

Let us remember Gail/ Punkins and her family.

Luce NDs

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I do remember that handle. That is sad to pass at such an age.

Then I bury a lot of that age and younger that seem to die of stress related disorders ... but authorities tell me that is not something I know about ... suggesting I am suffering naivete, etc. This is the goal isn't it? I've read that many tyrants state that there is so much the common folk (pagans) shouldn't know ... and then many tyrants wouldn't be in such deep poo!

Then who am I to be but stunned due to authoritative direction.

I was told by a Prof. in bioethics that I shouldn't think that he would tell me how to think. Is that ethical?

Then I was told by a minister that a minister would never tell me that ... even though the guy that said that never met me.

As an offside the Prof. teaching the ethics course was an ordained UCC sort. Now tell me life isn't funny considering its sad state that causes extreme stimulation and stress on the endocrine system that is just a mash of hormones and other toxic materials based on eprine, pseudoephedrine and other simulated glucosamines, glycophosphates, etc.

But I am told by many folks I talk stupid ... so i must be stressed by what I don.t know about myself ... and thus will possibly die!

This is a quantum state ... a chance that I could erupt out of here ... spontaneously?

Thus the doctrine of strange love of not wishing to know when it will happen ... and there it is a mystery of when we escape being directed to not know much ... so we don't ... cumulatively causing a great void ... thus we live in an emotionally elevated state ... this is defined close to heaven by some ... and overhead this great black void at night and we are saved from nocturnal condition only by light ... some intelligence is helpful ... but authorities direct us that information is bad Nu's!

At such levels of intelligence we pass ... dun gone ...
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I don’t remember her. It may have been before my time. I’m sorry to hear of her passing, though. Condolences to her loved ones.


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I don’t remember her. It may have been before my time. I’m sorry to hear of her passing, though. Condolences to her loved ones.
She was around at the earlier stages but I do remember her fairly well so she had stuck around for a while. Not sure how active she was in the last few years of the site though.
I recall her posting a fair bit on the friendly social threads.


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Several original WonderCafe members including me became Facebook friends and have continued to be Facebook friends. I have been paying particular attention to Gail’s Facebook posts and her death makes me sad.


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Thank you for letting us know. I vaguely remember pumpkin, and I've always wondered how people can just slip away and we never know what happened to them.
She was too young to go.


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I remember her...she was fun, intelligent and kind. I think a few people were personal friends. She was one of those many people on my FB friend list that I didn't stay in touch with....sigh.
I hope it was gentle for her.
Weren''t she and Redhead always lobbing lime wedges at each other?


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I, too, remember Punkins on the original Wondercafe.

I didn't know she was younger than me. Too soon, for sure.

I'll be saying a prayer for her and her family.