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Nominations for Council 2019-2020

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It's time for nominations for the 2019-2020 council.

Thanks to Mendalla, Pinga, Chemgal, Revsdd, Northwind, RedBaron, BettetheRed and DaisyJane for their work this last year.

For this upcoming year, we have one vacancy as Revsdd has completed his moderation term.
So, I hereby request nominations for the position of moderator. Please remember to confirm with the person you are nominating that they are willing and able to accept the nomination.

To nominate someone, please send a conversation to this WC2Admin account with their name and confirmation that they are willing to serve.

Returning council members are Mendalla, Pinga, Chemgal, Northwind, RedBaron, BettetheRed and DaisyJane so please don't approach them.

Deadline for nominations is Tuesday, May 21, 2019, after which Council will review the nominations and prepare the slate for voting.

This thread is closed to replies as we want the nominations sent by private conversation.
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