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Great service today, with an embarassment of riches, sermon-wise. Theme of the service was "Ain't Necessarily So", with our vocally talented choir director, a lovely soprano from the choir, and our multi-talented pianist providing the theme song in two parts. Then three Voluntary Associate Ministers, our Minister Emeritus, and our current minister all described their "Ain't necessarily so" moments in their ministry/spiritual journey. It was really well done, illuminating, emotional (especially some memories of the 70s/80s/90s by an out gay man in his youth and early years of ministry), and our Emeritus' memory of discovering (from a pentecostal/baptist background), modern theology combined with ancient languages when he arrived at Mount Allison University in his late teens with some real certainties...

Church Council meeting tonight; gluten-free apple crisp is about to come out of the oven, and I need to look at next year's calendar before 6:30...

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Sermon today was by our former minister Sheena Trotter-Dennis. She spoke on the letter from Paul to the Church in Corinth where he tells folks to live more expansively. A good sermon on how we can be more if we live more expansively and not just in our comfort zone with others like us. I always enjoyed Sheena's sermons when she was at Hillhurst so was good to have her in the pulpit again. Lot of stuff happened to me this week so was kind of exhausted and thought of staying home, but glad I ventured out to Church and also had a nice 40 km bike ride so feel better about facing what the new week may bring.
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Funnily, the minister at W-K mentioned preaching at a covenanting service or something like that this aft. Same one, I wonder?
Don't think so. Guest preacher at the service tonight was Rev. Debbie Johnson - a favourite of mine. There are more 'covenanting services' popping up now - as communities of faith are now required to covenant with the Regional Council - I think maybe annually. Going to keep a few folks busy! The service I went to actually combined the covenanting of the new minister and the covenanting with RC. :)