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No! if you feel for it someone will cuff you because of the Ci n've sects ... like cinnabar ... leaves folks somewhat flushed!

When dealing with such emotions and knowledge ... realize these essences are just ethereal attributes! Few understand things that are not rigidly tangible ... pun kin broke free as related allah gory ... bloody irony!

Tyrants would corrupt this if only to gain more power by application of fear and anger to override clear and continuing thought ... some can' think continuously when guilty about telling lies about destiny they know little about ... thus humble hidden wisdom to the most part (in bulk discussion, mass distribution of myths). AE Sops hind ... may be gamma or a broad AXIS!

Understanding remains obscure given the resistance to learning of cinnamon, etc. Spices were critical medial eastern turn of trade ... fair jinns were crisis attributes ... peddlars dot ere with those dark EIS!
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