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We have decided to implement Xenforo's "Staff" feature, but with a small hack to change the name from "Staff" to "Council" to fit our model.

On the Members tab, it will auto generate a list of Council Members. so you can easily find out who is on Council. This means I won't be maintaining a manual list in Council News & Business anymore since the list will update automatically when we add or remove moderators and admins. You can see the list on the Council Members page under Members.

Link to Council Members page: Council members

It also activates a "Council Online Now" list that shows in the right-hand sidebar on the Home and Forums pages (see illustration below). That way, you can see if a Council member is online should there be some urgent need to contact one. We do ask that you still use the Report feature to report issues and only directly contact a Council member to draw their attention to the report or if the matter is extremely urgent (e.g. a member seeming to be in crisis). Remember that someone could show as "online now" but not really be viewing the board (e.g. if they had their browser minimized or WC2 was on an inactive tab).


As this is an announcement thread, it is closed to discussion. Questions and comments can be made in the thread I opened in Tips & Techniques to point to this announcement.

EDIT: Updated 2019/03/29 to reflect changes in Xenforo 2.1
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