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Fearless For God - February 3 sermon

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I struggled with the lectionary readings this week before settling on the Jeremiah passage, which gave me an opportunity to reflect upon the concept of God and how God can use us in ways we never thought possible. Once I had finished writing it I wished I had come up with a more imaginative title. I really didn't think the title captured the sermon well, but - hey - the bulletin was already printed. To be perfectly honest I thought it was a bit of a ho-hum sermon, although several people told me after the service that it really spoke to them as they struggled with things in their lives. If it helped someone, I'm glad. This was a Communion Sunday - which was also appropriate, because the symbolism of Communion points out the potential cost of serving God. And we had surprisingly good attendance for the beginning of February. I won't be preaching for the rest of February. Next week is a presentation by one of our Sunday School classes, then my colleague gets her regular turn in the pulpit and the month closes out with one of our lay people speaking and marking Black History Month. So no more sermons to write until March for me.

Fearless For God