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Effectively immediately, the following changes have been put into place based on discussions on the boards and in Council.
  • You now have 30 minutes in which to edit a post after hitting Post Thread, up from 15.
    • Be aware, however, that others can Reply and Quote as soon as you post and the quoted text in those replies and quotes will retain the old version. There is no fix for this and it is simply how the vast majority of Web forum systems work. Do not report such quotes and replies. We will not fix them.
    • This editing capability should only be used to fix spelling and grammar or expand on a post. Completely altering the content or meaning of a post, esp. in response to a negative reaction, can result in moderator action.
    • In short, this is not a substitute for using care and discernment in posting, just a backup for when you miss something or have a quick follow-up thought to add.
  • Hand in hand with this, users can no longer delete their own posts. 30 minutes is simply too long a window to allow deletions, which can disrupt the flow and integrity of discussions. If you believe you have a legitimate reason to delete a post after you have posted it, click Report on the post and put the reason in the report. Someone from the moderator team will follow up.
Moderators will be monitoring use of this feature and if they find widespread abuse of the editing ability, we will go back the fifteen minute limit.

This is a closed announcement thread. Discussion can go in the existing thread on the subject.

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