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This will forever be the toughest post I will have to write. I am very heartbroken to tell you guys that my beautiful granny Crazyheart... Florence passed away last night. She was trying her best to recover but I think her little body had just gone through too much. She was a fighter. She fought so hard this whole time. I'm proud of her. She is the heart of my family. The values and life lessons she taught us all will be with us forever. I'm going to miss her spunky attitude, her funny jokes, her relationship with my kids, and the 10 calls I make a day just to chat with her about nothing. A piece of my heart is gone. But I will continue to pass on everything she ever taught me to my kids. I already see so much of her in my little Violet. I know I have said it before but the impact each and everyone of you made her in life was outstanding. She loved you all. You could be there if we couldn't be. Our family is forever thankful. I can answer any questions or even if you just want to tell a story about her. I will be here frequently. Thanks again everyone.


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Oh Sarah, this is such sad news. We loved your granny so very much on WC and WC2.

Thank you for notifying us so promptly.


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So very sorry to hear this, Sarah. I'll miss her wit here and on Facebook, and the odd Scrabble game. She was a fighter, for sure. May she rest in peace, and may all who know her find joy in remembering the spunky spirit that she was (and undoubtedly still is).


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In many ways, Crazyheart was a leader of this board, even if she never served in formal capacity. Her encouragement and support for those of us working to make it happen and her constant presence helped make it what it is today. I never had the pleasure of meeting her personally, but what came across here impressed me and I know I will miss that presence. My condolences, thoughts, and prayers go out to your family, @Sarah. You have a wonderful grandmother.
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What a sad day. We all had hoped for her recovery

My biggest memory of her on this forum was her constantly changing heart avatars. She always came up with such cute new hearts to share
How wonderful for her to have had such a close and loving grand daughter. May you be consoled with the love of memories and the stories you all share

Peace be with you


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Dear Sarah - and all the crazyfamily ... beautiful photo of our dear friend and your dearest granny, she looks exactly as she did when my husband and I met her just over a year ago. At that time she showed us a photo of her sweet Violet - because Violet has gorgeous curly hair and so does my husband. I love the words you wrote in tribute - you are so right, you will see and hear her everyday in your life. Spunky seems exactly the right descriptor. Sending love to you and all the crazyfamily - she cherished each & every one of you.


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As one of the founders of wondercafe2, I can say that my motivation was a place for @crazyheart and @Seeler . When things got frustrating, i thought of them. So, we gather here in a place that she helped birth.

She loved the United Church of Canada's Prairie Christian Training Centre, and would speak of times of gathering, including with our loved Carolyn McDade. She loved community. She strove for truth.

I share this gift of music

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Thank you for letting us know Sarah. crazyheart was such a great part of WC and WC2.

Praying that God will comfort you and your family at this time.


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The heart has left the Wondercafe.

I was privileged to meet Florence twice - once on my way across the country. She treated Nick and I to a lovely meal, and we had a great old visit; she still got a twinkle in her eye when hanging out with a handsome young man. On my way back home a week or so later, I stopped in late evening and spent the night. We had such fun chatting, and comparing theologies and church experiences.

I will miss her terribly.


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Sarah said:
This will forever be the toughest post I will have to write. I am very heartbroken to tell you guys that my beautiful granny Crazyheart... Florence passed away last night.
My condolences on your loss.

We who were aware of her through WC2 and before it will certainly miss her. Our collective loss will not compare with what you and your family will now deal with.

With that in mind take care of yourself and your family first. We will watch out for one another.

Those of us inclined to prayer will remember your mother and your family in this valley of death trial. Check in on us when you are able but please don't feel any responsibility for carrying our grief.

If we are able we will gladly help you shoulder yours.


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So very sad to hear this....I will miss her much. She was welcoming & very funny (that salty humour!) when I first "met" her on Wondercafe...about 2006.
Truly open & interested in just about everything. It's such a loss...the void she will leave.


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This is truly very sad news. Sarah, your grandmother was such a huge part of this community dating back so many years. She will be very sadly missed here. We became friends on Facebook after getting to know each other here and I had the chance to learn more about her from that forum. Please accept my deepest condolences to both you and your family on this heartbreaking loss. You will all be in my prayers.


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I'm so sad to hear this. Crazyheart as others have said, was an important part of this WC family.

My condolences to your Crazy family @Sarah. A very good one has left us.


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I already see so much of her in my little Violet.
In a post that made me sad and shed a tear, this made me smile.

Sarah, whatever we're feeling can't hold a candle to your loss. Just know that, while you see your grandmother in your daughter, we see her in you and your concern for her entire social circle. Thank you for caring for her.


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That is indeed sad news for us. I will miss her here and on facebook.
Every now and again me (and others) would receive a wondermail form crazyheart asking us to explain something she couldn't figure out.. "My grandson in grad school is editting a journal. What is meant by "Journal" ? Crazyheart it is a magazine on a specific topic. OK Thanks"

Crazyheart was very active here. She dearly missed Mr. Crazyheart when he had to move to a care facility. May they be reunited in Heaven!

A long life well lived.


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Sarah...Even though this is not something I wanted to hear, thank you for your beautiful, thoughtful post. Crazyheart lives on in you as well as little Violet. Sending hugs and condolences.


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My sympathies to you and your family...Crazyheart was certainly the "heart" of Wondercafe...I fondly remember her "stutterings" on the Last Post thread in the original WC and her disgust in finding out she couldn't do the same on the new WC2. She was one in a million and she will be missed. Hugs.


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Sarah. Thank you for taking the time to share this with those of us here on WC2. I am overwhelmed with sadness, and cannot even begin to imagine the sense of loss for your family. CH was such a strong presence here on WC and WC2 and her voice and wisdom will be missed more than words can capture.

I am so grateful I got to "know" her, albeit virtually.

My condolences to your and your family.
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