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In a month, we hit December, which contains the official beginning of winter and, of course, Christmas. I want to get an appropriate seasonal image up in the first week or two. The past couple header images have come from Council members but for this one, I would like to open it up to the whole community.

I'm currently thinking of something more specifically Christmas-y for December and up until Epiphany (the 12th day of Christmas). It does not have to be a religious Christmas image. Could be a Christmas tree or similar seasonal image. Something incorporating other religious festivals of the season like Hanukkah and Kwanzaa could be appropriate, too.

I would then replace it with a generic winter scene for the balance of the winter. Of course, if I don't get any suitable Christmas/holiday images, then I could just do a winter one right through.

The rules:
  • Submit an image related to Christmas or Winter. One of each theme per person, please.
  • Image must be yours, whether it's a photo or some art you've created. No stock/clip art, please. By submitting, you grant WC2 the right to display the image in the header for the specified period and give permission for me to crop or otherwise alter the image to fit our specifications. I will post the full, unedited images in a thread at some point as well.
  • Try to pick one that can survive being shrunk and/or cropped. We're limited to a very tight size/resolution of 374 pixels wide by 210 pixel high, well below what modern cameras and scanners are capable of. For the previous ones, I have generally selected a particularly good portion of the image and cropped down to that.
  • Deadline for Christmas images is November 30, 2019. I will review what I have at that point and make the Christmas selection.
  • Deadline for Winter images is December 31, 2019. That gives me a few days to review them and make a selection before Epiphany.
  • Send the images to me by conversation with the image as an attachment. Optionally, if you already have it on an image hosting site (not Facebook, I'm not on it), send me the link.
  • I will make the final decision since I know what I need in terms of making it fit, though I reserve the right to involve others as I see fit. I will not be discussing reasons for my decision nor will I be debating the merits of my choices.
So, what have you got that could symbolize Christmas and/or Winter in our header image?

As stated in the second last bullet point, I want the images submitted by conversation. However, I am leaving the thread open in case people have questions.