Advent calendars


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I have had books with 24 stories as advent calendars, too. Last year, we have done the foodbank revers calendar as a department at work, with each staff getting one date and a choice of foodbank item.


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We didn't have advent calendars when I was a kid. We used to make a chain of construction paper rings - one for each day. And then each day we would rip one ring off the chain - it was more of a 'countdown to Santa' tho than with any religious meaning.

I have given some to friends kids - the crafted all hanging type with little pockets for each day - which could be refilled each year.

When my own kids were little, my mom started a tradition of sending us an Advent Candle. All the days were marked off on the candle, so we lit it each evening on our dinner table & enjoyed the light and ritual ... and the countdown to Christmas. I continued that for many years - sometimes marking a plain candle with the kids & inscribing all the days.

I think last year my Dad sent me a 'virtual' advent calendar - something to click on to open each day. Was fun to do.


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I started a tradition with my first nephew - every year he gets something with a snowman and the first year was a snowman advent calendar - felt, with little pockets. The youngest gets reindeer, would like to get him one over the next few years too. Reminds me I had asked a friend about making one, I don't trust my artistic skills.

I grew up with the chocolate ones and still get one every year. Sometimes Chemguy and I both get one, sometimes just me (he's not as interested although he will eat the chocolate!)

I remember making one once, I'm pretty sure it was in Sunday school. We glued tinfoil-wrapped chocolates to construction paper.