1. Mendalla

    Christmas/Winter header image

    In a month, we hit December, which contains the official beginning of winter and, of course, Christmas. I want to get an appropriate seasonal image up in the first week or two. The past couple header images have come from Council members but for this one, I would like to open it up to the whole...
  2. Mendalla

    WC2's Fall Colours are out

    New season, new header image. Thanks to @Redbaron for contributing this one. He says it was taken along the Saugeen River near Chesley, Ontario. Next change will be in early-mid December when I will be looking for something "Christmas-y" to take use through the holiday season.
  3. Mendalla

    Our Summer Wonderbeach

    With the ability we have gained to easily change the header image, we will be rotating it based on season, events, and so on. As we come into August, we have a nice, quiet beach to wander on and enjoy the scenery. Maybe get a little fire going (safely) and sit around it with our mugs of coffee...
  4. Mendalla

    Some tweaks to specialty forums

    I have done a bit of cleanup and reorganization of the specialty forums. Biggest change was to remove "Why specialty forums" as a forum and put up a static page with the explanatory matter instead. It's a better way to convey static information and there had never been much discussion after the...
  5. Mendalla

    Firefox browser users: Please Read This

    There is a bug in the editor (the box where you write your posts and conversations) in the latest update of Xenforo (the software that runs WC2) that affects users of the Firefox web browser. It is triggered by fairly specific circumstances so should not come up often, but I want you to be aware...
  6. Mendalla

    Proposal: Reduce the number of moderators

    We did not receive any nominations for someone to fill the position being vacated by @revsdd. This has led Council to again discuss reducing the number of moderators. The fact is, there isn't a lot of moderation needed on here. Keeping the spammers and other undesirables off can be done by...
  7. Mendalla

    Wondercafe2.1 is coming...soon

    Xenforo 2.1.0 is now "gold" meaning the final release version is now out and we can start thinking about upgrading the live site. I need to do some work in our dev site, including installing the updated style to give it the WC2 "look and feel" and getting my testers to play around some more...
  8. Mendalla

    WC2 Financial Statements

    This thread will be used to post financial statements. It will be closed for posting. A second thread can be opened for discussion when needed.
  9. WC2Admin

    Supporting Wondercafe2

    Wondercafe2 was founded to be an open, welcoming community where we can discuss the big questions and share some time together. As such, we do not charge for membership nor do we have paid "upgrades" or "premium members" as some forums do. Every member is a full member and there is no charge for...
  10. Mendalla

    The Future of WC2 is Coming...What should it look like?

    I am currently researching elements for a project that I have had in mind for a while. While version 1.5 of Xenforo, the software that "powers" Wondercafe2, is still being supported, version 2 has been out for almost a year (released last November). A major upgrade of 2, version 2.1, is imminent...
  11. Mendalla

    Update to site Terms & Rules

    Whenever someone signs up for Wondercafe2, they are asked to agree to the site's Terms & Rules (how many of you actually read them?). The agreement is the checkbox shown below. "Terms" and "privacy policy" are links to the appropriate pages: The Terms & Rules spell out the basic legalese...
  12. Mendalla


    Per the banner I put up this morning, I am going to install the latest update to our version of Xenforo on Monday. No major changes, but it does include some privacy-related functions that Council will review and might implement down the road. This was prompted by the EU's new privacy rules and...
  13. Mendalla

    Vote: 2018-19 Council

    After sorting through nominations and having some internal discussion, Council has come to a unanimous consensus on the slate for 2018-19. You have one week to vote to approve the slate as nominated. Votes are anonymous (unless you make it public yourself), cannot be changed (if you make a...
  14. WC2Admin

    Nomination time, 2018-19 Council

    The Council year is winding down and we need to get some nominations. First off, thanks to those who have served on Council over the past year: Our admins Pinga, Mendalla, and Neo; and our moderators revsdd, Chemgal, Northwind, RedBaron, and You Just Never Know. Best wishes in particular to...
  15. Mendalla

    Changing Council

    I am not sure if people have noticed, but I've been putting in some time on looking at this place and how we define and run it. One thing I am thinking is that we are over-governed. Technically, per the documents approved at go-live, we are supposed to be running with 3 admins and 5 mods. Right...
  16. Mendalla

    Activity on the site

    We haven't posted these in a while. Here weekly activity (Posts, Users Active, Threads started) for the past year and the year previous. Year ending today: Previous year:
  17. Mendalla

    How much does WC2 cost?

    There is occasional talk of the cost of running this board. To be frank, we are doing it "on the cheap" as we always intended. Cost for this year will be (all converted from USD to CAD using current rate so this isn't exact): Crocweb hosting: $156.69 (basically, this is our...
  18. Mendalla

    VOTE : New Mission Statement and Who We Are

    Per the discussion thread we had a while back, Council is proposing a new wording for the Mission Statement and the Who We Are page. The rationale is in this thread: Revising the Mission Statement and Who We Are However, there were a couple more minor revisions based on that discussion, so the...
  19. Mendalla

    Revising the Mission Statement and Who We Are

    Council has been reviewing a proposal to revise the Mission Statement and Who We Are and are ready to open the discussion up to the general membership. After hearing feedback and possibly making changes based on that feedback, we would put them to a community vote. Background The current...
  20. Mendalla

    System Maintenance Notice

    We have been notified by Crocweb, the company that provides the hosting for Wondercafe2, that they are moving their servers to a new data centre. The move should happen between 9pm Tuesday and 5am Wednesday EST. Downtime should be about 45 minutes to an hour. Hopefully, our move will happen at...