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  1. Mendalla

    Game of Thrones?

    There has never been much discussion around here even though it's a hot topic in many places. I haven't seen the TV show and have only the read the first book of the novel series (which is called A Song of Ice and Fire with A Game of Thrones as the first novel) so have only been peripherally...
  2. Mendalla

    Alex Trebek

    Possibly the best known Canuck on US television, longtime game show host Alex Trebek dropped some sad news today. He is battling stage 4 pancreatic cancer. At least he has a sense of humour about it, joking that he has to fight it because there's three years left in his Jeopardy contract.
  3. Mendalla

    Congrats to Sandra Oh

    Sandra Oh had a banner night last night. She was both the first Canadian and the first East Asian (her parents are Korean) to host the Golden Globes. By all accounts she did a good job, too. And she topped it off by winning best actress in a dramatic TV series for her role in Killing Eve...
  4. Mendalla

    Oh wow, that's sad, RIP Scott Wilson

    I'm not that familiar with actor Scott Wilson, but I just read about his death and it's a bit of a heartbreaker. They just announced yesterday at NY Comic Con that he was returning to his role on The Walking Dead, on which he was a regular from 2011-2014, and then he passed away hours later. He...
  5. Mendalla

    RIP to a comedy great

    Just learned that Neil Simon passed away at the good age of 91. From TV to Broadway to movies, Simon was a defining voice of American comedy for decades. The Globe's obit summarizes his career pretty well. Neil Simon, Broadway’s master of comedy, dies at 91 Quite a resume to say the least.
  6. Mendalla

    Any other Night Court fans on here?

    Sad news for those of us who are. Harry Anderson, who starred as Judge Harry Stone on the show has passed away at 65. 'Night Court' actor Harry Anderson dies in Asheville Anderson was a very funny, entertaining actor and also a professional magician. He was kind of the ringmaster of one of the...
  7. Mendalla

    Favorite Love stories (movies, novels, TV story arcs, whatever)

    Since Valentine's looms and love is in the air, how about hearing people's favorite love stories from any media. Could be three hankie weepers, romantic comedies, fantasies. Hell, even erotic romances are cool here (just keep the discussion SFW, Safe for Wondercafe). To kick off: The Princess...
  8. Mendalla

    Netflix vs. Bell Crave

    Just finally launched a 30 day trial of Crave TV, Bell's streaming service. I am contemplating it as a replacement for Netflix. Why? Cheaper (for now, I'm sure it will go up at some point) Has several shows that I want to watch, including Star Trek : Discovery, Doctor Who (which used to be on...
  9. Mendalla

    And behind door no. 1 ... Silence. RIP, Monty Hall

    One of the most famous TV game show hosts has passed on. Born and raised in Winnipeg (though he became a US citizen and lived most of his professional life in LA), Monty Hall most famously co-created and hosted the famous Let's Make a Deal. I certainly remember watching it during summers and...
  10. Mendalla


    Okay, first a loose definition. "Headcanon" is when fans of a media property have their own ideas of how a character should look or which two characters should hook up or who should die in a series or whatever. For instance, most of us old school, pre-Peter Jackson Tolkien fans had ideas about...
  11. crazyheart

    I have a question that is bothering me.

    On our local CTV station, there are at least 2 visable First Nations Announcers. I know one of them. In fact married him and his wife. They are very good announcers but I have noticed that the only time they announce ( I know they have other duties at the station), is when it is a First...