1. Mendalla

    2010-2019 - What are the highlights?

    We are coming to the end of another decade this year. January 1, 2020 marks the beginning of the "Twenties". Whether the 2020s will "Roar" as the 1920s allegedly did remains to be seen. What has stuck out for you in the past decade (the 2010s, tens, teens, whatever you want to call them)? Could...
  2. Mendalla

    Meow ... Where do kitties come from anyway?

    Ever wondered how the cat came to join the dog as humanity's favorite companion and partner in crime? PBS Eons has you covered. This week's episode reviews our current understanding of how we came to domesticate the cat (twice).
  3. Mendalla

    I'm singing the blues...

    Or, more accurately, Nahre Sol and LA Buckner are. This week's Sound Field is about the blues and its wide-ranging influence on modern popular music from jazz to rock to country. And it's another terrific episode. And, yes, they do take a stab at writing their own blues tune.
  4. Mendalla

    Did Jesus exist?

    Not really interested in the topic myself but I want to get it out of @paradox3's thread on Matthew.
  5. Mendalla

    Vintage technology

    Came across this video of a restored 1959 IBM 1401 computer trying to run a program written in Fortran (one of the first computer languages). Your average smart phone is significantly more powerful than all the 1401s ever built put together but it's interesting to see where we have come from...
  6. crazyheart

    Material Things and History.

    I am curious. Does knocking down statues and renaming streets etc. change the culture and history of a place. The history is still the history. Convince me this works. Convince me that it makes me racist.
  7. Graeme Decarie

    My blog for today.

    Canada Day Oh, all the news media and politicians will talk about what a glorious country this is. And, I certainly think this is the best country in the world to live in. But this is one hell of a terrible world. For a dose of reality, let's take a look at the career of the much-honoured...