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  1. GeoFee

    Conversation Opportunity

    Hi Pontifex.... I always appreciate your challenge to my thinking about matters of ultimate concern. You posted some thought in a thread now closed. Here are those thoughts, followed by my response: “That’s what most of Canada has been trying to do to Alberta for quite some time now. Cheer...
  2. GeoFee

    Looking At the Lectionary Passages

    Each Monday morning I look up and read through the lectionary passages for the coming Sunday. On Tuesday morning I write down first impressions to guide my reflections through the week. I am going to place those first impressions here and welcome supportive or contradictory responses. Sunday...
  3. GeoFee

    God or Money?

    Here is your comment: ”I know you have a guitar computer and the internet. Not sure which of these you eat or wear or use to keep warm and dry.“ Here is my response: I lived the life of an itinerant until the age of thirty five. I had only basic material possessions. A change of clothes, a...
  4. GeoFee

    Leo Tolstoy Some Years Ago Said...

    "In this precisely consists the power of Christ’s teaching and that not because Christ is God or a great man, but because His teaching is irrefutable. The merit of His teaching consists in the fact that it transferred the matter from the domain of eternal doubt and conjecture on to the ground of...
  5. GeoFee

    Emerging symptoms and plan of action

    This is my first time here. Thought it might offer opportunity as I begin processing some of the changes in my life. Some of these changes are suggesting the possible onset of ALS. I have heard that it may take a year or more to obtain a clear diagnosis. It all begins this week with a visit to...
  6. GeoFee

    What the Spirit called me to say in Church

    While I enjoy the practice of writing, my preference is for oral communication. Here is what I shared with the folk at the Big Red Church, at the heart of our Glen Elm neighbourhood. It requires 12 minutes of your time. If this can be spared, I will appreciate feedback from diverse perspectives.
  7. GeoFee

    What is a Miracle?

    The gospels present Jesus as one who does miracles. Which raises the question, “What is a miracle?” I cared for a stroke victim. When I met him he was passive and depressed. Life had lost its meaning. Day by day I practiced care through support and encouragement. After one year his life had...
  8. GeoFee

    Priest/Samaritan - Sheep/Goat

    Jesus used parables to allow us to realize truth. I wonder what others have learned from the parable of the Good Samaritan and the parable of the last judgement?
  9. GeoFee

    Socialism - Anarchism - Opportunity Knocks...?

    Hi, I have been watching and listening to our world from a very early age. Now, as maturity approaches, I am inclined to speak truthfully, from the heart, about what I have observed and the insights I have acquired. This in the company of persons seeking an alternative imagination of their...
  10. GeoFee

    Would This be Helpful?

  11. GeoFee

    The Tower of Babel Signifies...?

    Folk imagine themselves capable of anything, including the subversion of God. So they build a tower of brick and mortar reaching into the heavens. The project is frustrated and the people scattered abroad. Basically a metaphoric insight regarding the rise and fall of historic civilizations...
  12. GeoFee

    Thoughts on the Emergence of a Core Consensus

    We are a gathering of persons engaged in the exploration of ideas. Each of us brings differing insight and commitment. Over time we have begun to make personal connections and gain understandings about where other persons sit in the circle. In a sense we are developing a community spirit. This...
  13. GeoFee

    How I Thought as a Younger Man

    My whole life has been occupied with curiosity. In particular, curiosity concerning matters related to God. By the age of thirty I had a fairly clear position concerning my acceptance by God and my responsibility before God. Here is a short paragraph from my writings thirty some years ago: "Who...
  14. GeoFee

    At Least a Little Like Preaching on a Street Corner

    Shared in the hope of someone somewhere having their imagination sparked to take on critical inquiry specific to our emergent situation.
  15. GeoFee

    Does Coke Add Life?

  16. GeoFee

    In the cave or out of the cave?

    Hi, The whole world enthralled by shadows on the wall. Look what Trump is doing! Look what Putin is doing! Look what Trudeau is doing! Dramatic spectacle cast as seed into our imaginations by the exploiters and oppressors of human and non-human being. Are we not wholly occupied with mass media...
  17. GeoFee

    Telling an Old Story in a New Context

    Hi, There is a reference to needle and thread towards the end of the talk. Earlier in the service we had named a needle Jesus and called the red yarn the love of God. The needle was passed through the hole of a bead each child had been given. Got them talking about how love connects. Showed the...