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  1. Spirit Wind 7

    Cancer free and cataracts?

    I have a concern about hearing that even being cancer free a doctor warned someone that cataract surgery is dangerous. I am cancer free, and had chemotherapy and radiation over 20 years ago. A recent cancer I was given Arimidex for 5 years. The Chemo afftected my liver and it did heal after...
  2. Spirit Wind 7

    Welcome Back to Fall ... 2015

    Welcome back everyone! Much has happened since the spring sprung and summer days that are now closing. Here is a poem to Welcome YOU....Back! Peace to all! Spirit Wind 7
  3. Spirit Wind 7

    Could have to pay to link to others online

    There is an Anti-Internet Group heavily lobbying to make people, groups, individuals pay to link to each other. This could have a heavy affect on worldwide communications. The church could also be affected. What this cost might be is anyone's guess, but costs have a habit of rising. Check the...