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  1. ChemGal

    Naughty Santa Fired

    I actually really love some of these. I hope he can be hired where the employers appreciate the non-traditional approach, and perhaps with a bit of what's ok and what is taking it too far as his judgement may not be the best (as seen by him posting them to facebook after already being...
  2. ChemGal

    Altering Olympic Competition Events Thought this was interesting. I side more with Cliff on this - Olympics are about athleticism...
  3. ChemGal

    Condolences to Pinga

    @Pinga 's dad passed away in the morning on Oct 11. She's shared some of the struggles they experienced due to his dementia, plus ones from before then. We can use this place to support and pass on messages to Pinga and she can come here to share as she wishes.
  4. ChemGal

    Abnormal Test Results

    I'm feeling so frustrated right now. I feel like when specialists order tests there is no follow-through if an abnormal result isn't *the* abnormal result they are screening for. I've discovered some of this thanks to having a system where I can now view my results myself. I will be losing this...
  5. ChemGal

    Massages and terms

    The city is looking at possibly banning massage parlours the types of places that offer 'the rub and tug'. I know many RMTs here who have had issues with men treating them the same as the...
  6. ChemGal

    Lip Sync Battle

    Have you watched any of these before? It's a show done for Spike, but most of them are on youtube, although the entire episode is rarely there. Many of the shows have the format of 2 competitors, each does a basic lip sync, low on props and then they each perform their showier one - backup...
  7. ChemGal

    Doctors And Ethics

    Right now, I don't think doctors are being held to a high enough standard when it comes to ethical behaviour, particularly when it comes to the harassment and assault of others. When they engage in criminal activity that is directly harmful to others but is not workplace related, how should...
  8. ChemGal

    Internet Browser Extensions

    I really haven't sought out many of these. I have used some on and off for screenshots, one I used stopped working, so now I use Lightshot. I finally decided to get an app for recipes. I think I had signed up for a website to store recipes a long time ago and I also recall getting messages...
  9. ChemGal

    Iced Tea Recipes

    In the past, when I made iced tea it was almost always from mixes. Doing much more this year with steeping it myself, but I do find the ones I like hot don't always convert best to cold. A favourite so far, English Breakfast with a bit of cherry juice added. I think I sweetened that one with a...
  10. ChemGal

    Naloxone Kit This story actually makes me less likely to want to use naloxone on someone, especially in the injectable form. I'm really confused by why some things are set as they are. Why aren't...
  11. ChemGal

    What would you do to manage a health condition?

    How much would you be willing to change in your life to manage a health condition? I feel like I have made some pretty big changes. I've watched the Frey Life youtube channel on and off. It follows a married couple and Mary has CF. They are (have? I'm not caught up) moving to North Carolina...
  12. ChemGal

    Birds & Gardens

    The birds have started to really destroy some of my plants this year. Not sure what's up, I don't notice any birds looking all that different than other years. We used to only have issues with the berries, and then very occasionally a magpie might go after a tomato. Out of multiple plants...
  13. ChemGal

    Illnesses & Travel

    It seems like often times the initial outbreaks in Canada from vaccine preventable illnesses come from international travel. Lately we hear about measles, but hepatitis A is often another issue. Should we allow people into the country for non-emergencies if they haven't been vaccinated? We...
  14. ChemGal

    Font Colours

    It's possible to change the font colour from the default either before or after typing. To do it before, do the below before you start typing the section you want coloured, to do so after, highlight the section you want coloured and then do the below: Click the image Either: Pick one of the...
  15. ChemGal

    Posting Images, Video & Media Version 2

    Since the update we now have more options for posting pictures. The old ways are still possible: Info to come on the new options!
  16. ChemGal

    Kids Birthday Parties

    Curious who you invite/who invites you to young childrens' birthday parties. My nephews I expect. Friends though I never really expected, and sometimes I think other people think it's slightly odd when I am there with no kids of my own (and then other ones there are a bunch of adults without...
  17. ChemGal

    David Stephan - Again

    Calgary Health Show scrubs appearance by David Stephan | CBC News Why do people keep hiring him to speak and why include his business? I saw a fair bit of info last night, there were multiple business who were being listed as sponsors who claimed to have nothing to do with it too. Bizarre. I...
  18. ChemGal


    Unspeakable airs tomorrow, it's about the tainted blood scandal. Unspeakable creator has inside perspective on Canada's tainted blood scandal | CBC News I'm interested to watch, but also a bit hesitant as I've had some pretty overwhelming feelings at times regarding how easily I could have made...
  19. ChemGal

    Loyalty Programs

    Curious what people find are worth it vs. not. Chemguy bought a MEC giftcard as a gift. I forgot to mention that I had a membership, but it was tied to my number which he knows so figured he would just try it. Nope, he complained quite loudly when they suggested he buy a membership just to...
  20. ChemGal

    Impaired Driving Screening

    I'm concerned with where we are headed with screening drivers. Some provinces put changes in within the last decade where there are immediate consequences for failure to blow. Now in Canada there's the right to ask for a breath sample, even without any suspicion that someone is impaired. I have...