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  1. revjohn

    How was your wedding?

    Our wedding was a happy occasion. If I had to do it again I would probably take away a camera from my best man on the morning of. I look a bit too relaxed in one photo and it has been an item of some contention ever since. We tried renewing our vows for our 25th anniversary but every plan we...
  2. revjohn

    UnVaccinated Minors Banned From Public Places - Rockland County, NY

    Our own or our loved one's? Or maybe someone who is yet a stranger? Is it a fear of death at play or a love of life? And, for argument's sake let us suppose it is a fear of death. Should I be concerned about your health or just not give a damn about it? If you are hungry should I not feed...
  3. revjohn

    UnVaccinated Minors Banned From Public Places - Rockland County, NY

    One thing all of the survivors have in common is that they are survivors. I suspect that there are other vectors of similarity. 20-50 million didn't survive. What do they have in common? Or does that not matter? 9 out of 10 survive so screw that 1 they simply aren't worth caring for or about...
  4. revjohn

    Is Being an Individual Becoming Politically/Socially Incorrect ...

    Being an individual is not becoming socially incorrect. Rugged individualism marked by aggressive autonomy is being called out. Individuals will always exist. What is a core, I think, is whether or not the individual is symbiotic or parasytic. And humans being humans mistakes will be made in...
  5. revjohn

    Does The Woman Who Committed Adultery Belong in the Bible?

    I think that Jesus repeatedly centering out the marginalized qualifies. Healing the paralytic, the leprous, the possessed and such demonstrate a quality of compassion most Christians fail to emulate. Jesus going outside of the "chosen" community to outcast Samaritans or commending the faith of...
  6. revjohn

    Does The Woman Who Committed Adultery Belong in the Bible?

    By true do you mean "factual" or "accurate?" There is a difference between the story being a historical account of an actual meeting or the story being a fiction designed to convey a truth. Does this particular text paint a picture of Jesus than never should have been painted? What does this...
  7. revjohn

    'Saved FROM What?' or "'Saved FOR What?'? What Is Salvation, Anywho?

    Thanks for sharing. While there is a lot of meat in the article the either/or seasoning misses, I think, the point. For some reason humanity seems predisposed to an either/or view rather than a both/and. The whole cannot be saved unless saved in each of its constituent parts. Unless we want...
  8. revjohn

    What’s your spiritual type?

    Wouldn't take much to render things agoraish here. Terrace a few of the larger drifts and presto. Bring your fur lined toga though.
  9. revjohn

    What’s your spiritual type?

    According to the quiz I am a Sage. I question the helpfulness of the quiz because there were so few answers I was happy to give. Most of the questions provided me with no option of what I would most likely opt for.
  10. revjohn

    Room For All

    Indeed I do.
  11. revjohn

    Room For All

    Thanks. We were never in any danger. That we were aware of. I have cleared much, much, very much snow. Tried for 2.5 hours just after the storm hit to clear it. Heavy snow at 107 kmph gusting to 150 kmph makes that a very difficult task. Was up at 5:30 Friday trying to clear again...
  12. revjohn

    Is The Sabbath Still Relevant Today ?

    The Sabbath is still a gift given by God to humanity. How we honour it remains part of our stumbling.
  13. revjohn

    Prophets and prophecy in the Hebrew Scriptures

    I understand prophecy to be an utterance that is attributed to wisdom shared via the Holy Spirit. The office doesn't appear to be as popular as in days gone by. Not that Prophets were celebrites. The narrative of scripture demobstrates that Prophets are more likely to be considered nuisances...
  14. revjohn

    Service -- What is it?

    "Whatever you do for the least of these my brothers and sisters you do for me." This is what Jesus defines as Christian service. Feeding the hungry. Giving drink to the thirsty. Visiting those sick and/or imprisoned. Clothing the naked. Welcoming strangers. I don't expect that this represents...
  15. revjohn

    Pope (pretty much) tells woman to back off

    It must be a Romish thing. The closest I have ever come to such an event was while I was a student. On a summer internship, I was ministering in Lamont AB and one of my responsibilities was a service at the local retirement home. The services are ecumenical but there is not a lot of religious...
  16. revjohn

    December, and boundaries, and self care.

    I note that DaisyJane has quoted you but your material does not appear in a quote box. No idea if that explains your phenomenon or not.
  17. revjohn

    December, and boundaries, and self care.

    And then there is this. Fabulous book. I learned much from it.
  18. revjohn

    December, and boundaries, and self care.

    Go ahead. We can handle it. Oh boy. Sounds like it needs to be written up not written off. December can be difficult even when things are relatively stable. Sometimes whatever spirit Christmas is it isn't particularly godly or restful. Family of origin issues can be difficult to contend...
  19. revjohn

    How was church today?

    I'd call that bluff. Not sure where this clergy person thought that extortion was an appropriation tactic. Whether or not clergy receive a bonus is, I would think, first and foremost a decision made by the congregational leadership. It would be an act of graciousness and not the result of a...
  20. revjohn

    Study uncovers how brain damage increases religious fundamentalism

    BUT Bearing in mind that this is Dolan's interpretation of a research paper and not necessarily an interpretation that the authors would agree with I think it is important to note that Dolan is not quoting anyone when he offers this statement. Many other factors indeed. As if participation in...