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  1. Inannawhimsey

    Gong Hey Fat Choi

    Which roughly translated means I wish you all prosperity in this new year Image source: google imag search (seems 2 b all rights reserved in 2000) Hope y'all enjoy your chocolate money :3 And the dragon dances with firecrackers, to help chase the evil spirits away This is the...
  2. Inannawhimsey

    Todayz Meditation: Canadian access to Public Transportation Affects Health

    'You are where you live': New study finds your postal code may affect your health I believe I almost joined this study...if so, then it is ongoing (for the lifetime of those studied). Posted Removed, Inannawhimsey
  3. Inannawhimsey

    Todayz Meditation: Saving Future Generations

    Why I Won't Be Forcing My Kids To Kiss Their Relatives At Christmas | HuffPost UK
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    All 4 One and All 4 All

    Fellow convivial sentients Let this b a thread for those here who know aboot Karl Marx to let us know how you think his religion informed his ideas. He was born Jewish to a long line of rabbis and later converted to Lutheranism before he later officially discarded both, apparently. Enthuse...
  5. Inannawhimsey

    Got that Old Time Religion

    Deity, in SJW mode, discovers a city entirely made up of neo-nazi-pink-supremacist-free-marxist-capitalist-cakers. And decides "they must be stopped at all costs" Hilarity ensues Piscis Mammal, Inannawhimsey
  6. Inannawhimsey

    An Oldie But a Goodie

    In space, no one can hear you kvetch Nihilacious Meaningful, Inannawhimsey
  7. Inannawhimsey

    Todayz Meditation: Otherworldly SJW's

    Little did he know that he was engaged in promotion of hate speech against such opprrssed groups as MIBs, UAP, and otherworldly interlopers that are allowed to experiment on us as per universal Law. He got away lightly. Thank goodness he never misgendered them...*shudder*
  8. Inannawhimsey

    When good news happenz

    James Fields Guilty of First-Degree Murder in Death of Heather Heyer
  9. Inannawhimsey

    Todayz Meditation: ya gotz somethin on yer face

    What's going on with Hawaiian seals? Nobody nose
  10. Inannawhimsey

    Merry Sinterklaas

    Its that time of year again! When Sinterklaas and his Helpers travel from Spain to visit Holland Christmas in The Netherlands / Holland on whychristmas?com Sinterklaas with Zwarte Piet (moor) helpers Everyone gets involved Have you been good? (All images came from google image search)...
  11. Inannawhimsey

    Todayz Meditation: On the Global Structural Condition

    Transcript below video for those who prefer 2 read :3 Points, Global Structural Conditions: 1. a dissatisfied working and middle class 2. Anti-immigration sentiment caused by changing demographics 3. Military snafus -- poor predominant in military, billions spent, people and whole communities...
  12. Inannawhimsey

    Todayz Meditation: Views from a Kosovo Survivor

    One of the behaviours I have seen around this new religion or Belief System of Identity Politics or Social Conflict Theory followers is there are certain people that they deserve to be hounded etc, they have tribal signifiers for them and call them Nazis or White Supremacists or fascists (esp...
  13. Inannawhimsey

    Todayz Meditation: Pope Speaks His Truth

    Pope Francis Goes Full Homophobe Clamouring Silently, Inannawhimsey
  14. Inannawhimsey

    Todayz Meditation: a small group of committed citizens is changing the world

    (excerpt from a longer talk) Personally Universal, Inannawhimsey
  15. Inannawhimsey

    Todayz Meditation: Being Human

    Its immensely challenging being a human being We just tend not to notice Because we are so competent at being human Upfall Prat, Inannawhimsey
  16. Inannawhimsey

    Todayz Meditation: 2020 Here We Come

  17. Inannawhimsey

    Todayz Meditation: Politics by Profession

    We've heard the refrains Farmers r too conservative Media has a liberal bias Sometimes we here on WC have discussed it :whistle: Someone has gone a done try 2 figger oot what aboot other professions' Political bias? Such brainy nabobs These Charts Show The Political Bias Of Workers In Each...
  18. Inannawhimsey

    The Ballad of a Lantern

    Why did Kyle Rayner die? Could it have been another way? Did Virgin Records make a mint on his song after his death? Thus goes the Ballad. Diamond Talc, Inannawhimsey
  19. Inannawhimsey

    Todayz Meditation: Canada: Aryan Nation. We r so screwed lol

    John A. Macdonald’s Aryan Canada: Aboriginal Genocide and Chinese Exclusion Fusilform Widening, Inannawhimsey