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  1. Tabitha

    signing off for the summer

    I am shortly heading for my annual trek to ONT. This time driving and my 2 first cousins once removed (aged 13 and 15) are flying out from ONT and riding back with me. I will stay with mom and dad and help do some unpacking in their apartment, and also take a quilting course. Not sure when I...
  2. Tabitha

    Easter dilemma

    So I am sitting in my sister's church Easter morning. Across the aisle and up one, I notice a while fleck on a lady's dark bob. As I watch it it moves. It's about 1/4 inch long and inch worm like. What would you do?
  3. Tabitha


    We had our first "cluster" gathering today. UCC folks up and down the valley were invited. Attendence from ministers and as may lay people as wanted to come was encouraged. I think around 50 people attended. We had our Region minister and a retired minister lead us throough a time of figuring...
  4. Tabitha

    First aid course

    Just curious who has their first aid certification and maybe why-or stories of providing or receiving first aid.
  5. Tabitha

    How to apologize

    Apologies are a learnt art. They can be simple but sincere.
  6. Tabitha

    minister needed

    Just an early head's up that there will be a vacancy in the lovely Okanagan Valley mid-Jan. We will form our search team and get the position description out shortly. Just wanted to plant the seed for folks to ponder.
  7. Tabitha

    Good bye presbyteries

    We had our last meeting this past weekend. It was a celebration-we looked at key points-and photos from each decade. We met for an hour it what might become our clusters. It felt joyos. Wee were each gifted with a hand made mug and a prayer shawl. Former presbyterers were invited as well (like...
  8. Tabitha

    These are a few of my favourite things 2018

    A few hints for secret santa-and maybe virtual secret santa-if someone sets that one up. So favourite colour, tea or coffee drinker, and anything else you want to add.
  9. Tabitha

    Seniors Discount Getting it early?

    I will not be 60 for 4 months but I have been getting a Senior's discount lately. Several places start discount at 60 and some at 65. I don't ask for it and often don't even notice it until after the fact. Part of me hopes I do not look that old, and the other part appreciates the savings...
  10. Tabitha

    Preaching the Big questions, Doctrine isn't Dusty

    Has anyone else read the book and want to talk about it? I'm in the middle of it and for the first time in a long time I find myself writing notes in the margins-both in agreement and disagreement. I'd love to chat. * It's a book about theology from a UCC perspective
  11. Tabitha

    "Come Sunday" a movie on Netflix

    Have you seen this movie? What do you think? Our minister talked about it in his sermon so I watched it. IF you have seen it and want to discuss it please post here. If you have NOT watched it and want to discuss similar ideas go the the modern heretics thread in church life.
  12. Tabitha

    UCC Moderator nominations 2018

    I heard Richard Bott (Vancouver) was nominated and Rev. Dr. Catherine Faith Maclean (from Edmonton). Any other nominations you know about?
  13. Tabitha

    Pros and cons to being on church board, or council, or session or whatever the name is

    I have been asked and am considering being part of our church's Board again. While I ponder my choice I was wondering what you consider some pluses and minuses.....
  14. Tabitha

    When was the last time you tried something new?

    I know-it's not original-I'm quoting a country and western song
  15. Tabitha

    Anyone going to General Council in July?

    I have just applied to be considered as a steward. I've never gone to a GC befre but I know several wc2ers have. It may be the last GC ever.
  16. Tabitha

    Feb. challenge-reduce the plastic

    So I challenge all wondercafe 2 friends to Eliminate take-away cups, lids and plastic stir sticks for the month of Feb. Bring your own. If you want to take it further (and the Earth appreciates it) also skip plastic straws, and just say no to plastic bags. And further just skip single serving...
  17. Tabitha

    Mammograms and breast screening

    So as I was overdue for a mammogram-just routine-I popped into a mobile screening unit. It's really a trailer. Had a mammogram. This was 10 days ago. Our family does not have a history of breast cancer, my mother has had several benign lumps removed. Got a phone call yesterday-I didn't pass...
  18. Tabitha

    Art as process or Product-let the kid DO it

    As you might know I work in schools. Yesterday, after school, I popped in a classroom. There were several teachers, all busily cutting out beautifully painted paper mittens. It was grade 3 and 4. Another teacher (and her spouse) spent 4 hours decorating her classroom. Why can't we let the...
  19. Tabitha

    These are a few of my favourite things version17

    This thread is to mention a few of your favourite things (like favourite colour, tea or coffee, favourite halloween candy, music you like). It can be used for secret santa, virtual secret santa or just to share with the community
  20. Tabitha

    Crusts on sandwhiches at Funerals

    So last Sunday after I was at a Celebration of Life for a dear man who lived 98 years. Our church was asked to cater and did sandwiches and fruit and squares. Here's what shocked me. The group of 4 ladies who laid out the food cut the crusts off all the sandwiches. They bagged them up, but...