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  1. DaisyJane

    Don Cherry Fired.

    After his racist comments on Coach's Corner on Saturday. "You people... love our way of life, love our milk and honey. At least you could pay a couple of bucks for poppies or something like that. These guys paid for your way of life that you enjoy in Canada." (Don Cherry, Nov. 9, 2019). Thoughts?
  2. DaisyJane

    What is YOUR definition of luxury?

    Thanks to Jae for prompting the discussion. How would you define luxury? What would be a luxurious setting for you - either on permanent basis, like your home, or simply on "visiting" basis, such as a holiday. Is luxury a lovely apartment, or spacious home? Is it a BMW, a fully catered resort...
  3. DaisyJane


    Yesterday I picked up the keys for my son's house! A couple of months ago my husband and I made an offer an a two bedroom bungalow around the corner from our own home. Far enough away that I have some emotional and physical distance, but close enough that I remain connected to all aspects of...
  4. DaisyJane

    What do you drive and why? What should I drive?

    I have been driving a Honda Pilot (large SUV) for the last 7-8 years and wheelchair accessible mini-vans for the years prior to that. For the last 20 years I have been driving some form of mom-car equipped for moving wheelchairs, kids, and large hockey bags. Matthew now has his own accessible...
  5. DaisyJane

    Who is a theologian?

    This question arose in the feminist thread. I would suggest we are all theologians. We are all interested in studying and learning about God. I think of theologian the same way I think of "photographer". Some might have studied formally, many have not. It doesn't diminish one's...
  6. DaisyJane

    Feminine theologians and feminist theology

    This scrolled across my facebook page and I immediately wanted to share it here. I have read several of the books mentioned and celebrate the growing feminine and feminist voice in the theological academy. What of these books have you read? What books interest and you think you might like to...
  7. DaisyJane

    What's on your grocery list???

    Today I did my regular Costco run. Six people live in our home - all are adults. I have three boys between the ages of 18 and 22 at home, and while one doesn't eat (feeding tube), the other two can consume food at an alarming rate. Shopping at places other than Costco simply doesn't make...
  8. DaisyJane

    How do you understand sola scriptura?

    Blackbelt and I were having a conversation about how sola scriptura is understood over in the Luke thread. Blackbelt, as I understand, argued that sola scriptura is about infallibility. I suggested that sola scriptura is a tradition that began with the Lutheran reformation and means that...
  9. DaisyJane

    Dealing with the February Blahs.

    Anyone else struggling with them? In the past the winter blahs haven't been too much of an issue for me, but this February has been tough going. I am not sure why. What is your antidote for the winter blahs??? I would love some suggestions. PS - Please don't worry. I am not clinically...
  10. DaisyJane

    Top ten words

    My youngest is taking a grade 12 course called 'Writers' Craft' and had to list his ten favourite (English) words. Names aren't allowed otherwise I would have simply listed my kids, husband, and so on. What are yours?
  11. DaisyJane

    What does it to be a man? A woman? (Why) Does it matter?

    We all know the gender assignment thread got a little wonky. But I did ask a question that genuinely interests me. We know that sex is defined as your biology/DNA, and gender is defined as one's identity. But for you: What does it mean to be a man? Male? What does it mean to be a woman...
  12. DaisyJane

    Cognitive impairment and salvation

    The question of the need to know and accept Christ came up during the Matthew study, and has cropped up again in the Mark thread. I think the idea is worth unpacking but I didn't want to derail P3s Bible study. What of situations where one cannot know or accept Christ/salvation such as with...
  13. DaisyJane

    2018-19: Resolutions and reviews

    Do you make resolutions? If so, what are they? What were the high points of your 2018? Are there things you are looking forward to in 2019?
  14. DaisyJane

    2019 Bible Study Series? Book Club?

    I have been enjoying following Paradox's Matthew thread. This year my goal is to read the Bible in its entirety using a daily Bible. Initially I thought it might be fun for those of us interested to all agree to purchase the same daily Bible and we could have regular conversations about our...
  15. DaisyJane

    Steven Breeze (Wolfie?)......

    I have been friends on facebook with Steven Breeze for years - we met via WC. If memory serves he posted as Wolfie, but I am not sure. It had been a while and these days I knew him as Steven, not his WC avatar. Today his FB post shared that he passed away on Dec. 21. I thought the community...
  16. DaisyJane

    School dress codes

    There was a recent news article talking about the furor caused by a male principal walking into a high school class and doing a dress code check. In particular he was checking the length of the girls's skirts. I personally find the idea of a man assessing a young woman's skirt length far more...
  17. DaisyJane

    Would you do this?

    I follow a blog called Fit is a Feminist issue. Recently one of the blog authors participated in a boudoir shoot. Here is the link to the blog post. tracys-boudoir-photo-shoot I think it is a cool idea. Would you do this?
  18. DaisyJane

    Help! How do I best work from home??

    The school year is back up and running and my to do list is growing exponentially. Yesterday, while at the university where I teach part-time and pursue doctoral work full-time, I was told that the goal is a fall defence (2019) for my PhD. Granted this is a year way, but right now it feels...
  19. DaisyJane

    Latimer seeking pardon for Tracey's death

    Pardoning Robert Latimer is not justified Picard's article is presently being discussed on the UCC Facebook page and I thought I would bring the conversation here. Briefly, Latimer's lawyer is petitioning to have his conviction pardoned. Picard writes a well balanced article in my opinion. I...
  20. DaisyJane

    TWU, law school decision, and religious freedom.

    The Supreme Court of Canada announced today, in a 7-2 ruling against TWU's law school. Simply put this means that law societies across Canada can refuse to accredit students who graduate from this law school essentially rendering them unemployable. The decision was made in light of TWUs...