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  1. Carolla

    Pet "parents" - when & how did this become a thing?

    I guess my age is showing. I've been seeing more posts (elsewhere, not here) about 'pet parents', 'fur babies' etc. So when did we humans cross over from being pet 'owners' to being pet 'parents'?? Seems to me most people buy their animal or avian or fishy pets ... so the 'parent' thing just...
  2. Carolla

    Uploading/pasting photos to WonderMail?

    Hi there - this morning I'm wanting to add a photo to a private wondermail. It has not been published online so I cannot enter a URL as requested. There does not seem to be an option to attach a file. I also tried copy & paste, but that does not seem to be working either. Any suggestions...
  3. Carolla

    Dessert for 35 - 50 people!

    I'm making dessert for the 'men's group' dinner at our local community hub on July 23. Don't usually make anything for this many people - so what might you suggest? I saw some website recipes with good 'slab' bar recipes etc. Other ideas?
  4. Carolla

    Facebook name change?

    Hi there - since amalgamation of my church, I'm wondering how I can go about changing the name on our fb page without setting up a whole new page? We have a lot of community people who follow the page & are unaffiliated (at least formally) with the church - so I don't want to lose them in the...
  5. Carolla

    Farming Weird

    Today's Toronto Star had a long (multiple pages) article on farming in Saskatchewan - How Saskatchewan farmers are preparing for climate change | The Star - featuring new methods now being employed by some farmers. The focus is on protecting and nourishing the soil, using organics, and for...
  6. Carolla

    Parish Nurse - any experience with this?

    There's a group in my community thinking about a potential Parish Nursing Ministry position. I've heard the term used, and have a loose familiarity & understanding of potential role. Wondering if any of my Wondercafe buddies have experience in this realm - perhaps a United Church that has a...
  7. Carolla

    Video interview for Candidacy

    That was interesting. Today I again (3rd or 4th time) accompanied my friend for a ministry candidacy interview - formerly we would travel a considerable distance on a weekday for this to occur at the Conference Office. In the 'new' system - it was a video interview today instead - from her...
  8. Carolla

    "Atheist Overreach" by Christian Smith

    Can we really be good without God? Smith delves into this question & how our current day sense of ethics & morals have been shaped by many means over centuries & that religious beliefs were/are one of those means. My minister mentioned hearing this author on CBC Ideas programme recently -...
  9. Carolla

    New Dementia resource - free :-)

    This is a new resource from Australia - looks pretty helpful in understanding some of the sensory changes that people with dementia encounter - and written/compiled by a woman living with dementia too. Dementia affects so much more than just memory - and is so perplexing for some. Hope some...
  10. Carolla

    Chalk painting furniture

    So wonder crafty people - anybody done any chalk painting of old furniture? I rather like the look of it & from what I can tell from youtube (repository of all knowledge!) it seems pretty straightforward. No big prep required, adheres well, easy to 'distress' if you wish, add a simple wax...
  11. Carolla

    Borrow the Sugar!

    Borrowing from neighbours - it strengthens society! Our WC friend Birthstone sent me this graphic article - pretty interesting. This Is How Borrowing Things From Our Neighbors Strengthens Society Being 'neighbourly' is so much less common these days, at least that's my general perception in...
  12. Carolla

    Bike rack suggestions??

    Who's got experience with bike racks? Want to purchase one for an older model Toyota Matrix hatchback - so just thought I would see what wisdom my wonderbuddies have to offer :-) Prefer not to have roof mount. Possibly hitch mount (although no hitch at the moment - how much do those cost?) or...
  13. Carolla

    The opposite of faith is not doubt - but certainty

    I heard this statement for the first time during today's sermon & found it very interesting. 'The opposite of faith is not doubt - but certainty.' A little internet exploration shows it as commentary by many - from Anne Lamot, to Paul Tillich, to Rabbi Dow Murmur and countless others. Some go...
  14. Carolla

    Living at Godspeed

    Ahhh ... now here is an interesting video to relax into and ponder. It's about half an hour or so, so get comfy and clear you mind. It was sent to me by a new friend I've met as I've been exploring more about knowing our communities in formation of mission. There are lots of 'quotable...
  15. Carolla

    "Re-firement" not retirement

    Just read David Guiliano's article in the Broadview in which he challenges us boomers to get more politically active again. He quotes Matthew Fox who used the term "re-firement" - I like it. “Re-firement,” Fox told me, “is a chance to return to our early passions about the meaning of our...
  16. Carolla

    It's official!

    News flash - the ammendments to UC of Canada Act passed unanimously yesterday. I'm at least thankful it was done on April 1! :ROFLMAO: The United Church of Canada Act Passes Parliament
  17. Carolla

    Broadview - first issue has arrived!

    Got my first issue in the mail today & had a browse through it this afternoon. I'm mostly positive about the new format. Some longer articles, some brief pieces, and still a section with UCCan focus :-) I like it. And NOT encased in plastic mailer!! Who else is reading? Your thoughts?
  18. Carolla

    A new, New Testament

    Interesting article in Toronto Star today - "For Millennials, a New New Testament - describing how two millennial designers have reworked the visual presentation of the New Testament! So fresh and appealing in design - and they ask why this hasn't been done before?? Indeed why not. Makes me...
  19. Carolla

    Happy Birthday to ....

    Hilary! I see on our members section that today, March 11 is her birthday. So have a happy birthday Hilary!
  20. Carolla

    From sacred to secular .... fate of our buildings?

    Interesting article from CBC today. Not news to most of us in churches, but interesting to note the widespread nature of church closings. Canada to lose 9,000 churches in next decade, warns national heritage group | CBC News copied from the article - Pajot, who is always saddened when old...