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  1. revjohn

    Is it really though?

    Shortly I am off to a sanctuary to lead a gathering of the faithful through our Good Friday service. We will of course touch on all the bits and pieces that we are called upon to remember and consider. Personally, I struggle again with the designation of this Friday as "Good." Friends on FB...
  2. revjohn


    Last evening my wife, son and I went to see BLACKkKLANSMAN. I was aware that it is based on real events though I was only aware that it was police undercover investigation of the KKK in which a Black detective did most of the infiltration. The film is well paced, brilliantly shot with very...
  3. revjohn

    Leaving Wondercafe2--The End Run

    I presume that the amendment to the policy was a reduction in implementation time from 48 to 24 hours? Was there a rationale to reduce the time one had to possibly regret a hasty decision if the presumption stands?
  4. revjohn

    Koko RIP

    A gentle giant who taught us more about who we are than she was. Is no more.
  5. revjohn

    Newfoundland and Labrador Conference--The Finale

    We began Friday, June 1, 2018, at 9:45 am with registration. The conference this year was hosted by Bethany United Church in Carbonear and for the most part, the meeting would be held at Carbonear Academy. Bonus points for the United Church as the children were given Friday off so that we...
  6. revjohn

    Nomination time, 2018-19 Council--The End Run

    Because the thread is locked and I wanted to express gratitude for those who have served the community on the Council for the past year. I started this one. Indeed. Thanks to all who have served on the Council. Having once sat where you now sit I appreciate those moments when such service...
  7. revjohn

    Dad Brag!

    Owing to there being way too much on my eldest daughter's plate this past week there were some scheduling errors. Fortunately, those scheduling errors did not result in anything approaching a problem. I had shared elsewhere that Grace would be defending her Master's Thesis on Friday, the same...
  8. revjohn

    Rainbow Crosswalks

    Newfoundland town to paint not 1 — but 2 — rainbow crosswalks | CBC News Kudos to my town council. Fun facts about Logy Bay-Middle Cove-Outer Cove, predominantly Roman Catholic and who knew we had any crosswalks let alone 2.
  9. revjohn


    Winds gusting up to 91 kmph throughout the night. The house has withstood far greater sustained winds than that. Woke this moring to orange skies and a strong sun. Still gusty, which makes for fun driving on narrow winding roads along the coast. This morning we break fast (manner of...
  10. revjohn


    This time last year I was a stranger in a strange land (so long a bayman sitting as a townie). This year I am just a little strange but I have a home and a people (and baymen at that). This will be our first Good Friday together and, if I help them remember well it will be a heavy day. In...
  11. revjohn

    New Family Member!

    Meet Daisy 12 weeks old. She is a yellow labrador/ Nova Scotia Duck Tolling retriever cross.
  12. revjohn

    2nd Amendment Exploration

    Hi All, In light of recent events I thought it would be interesting to explore the actual amendment to discern what it says and what it does not say. I don't expect these discussions to have any impact upon legislators in the United States of America. That said, a strong argument presented...
  13. revjohn

    This thread vivisects all articles purporting to destroy or exfoliate some thing or other.

    Click bait. That is what the title is. An intentional ploy designed to drag traffic into viewing an article under the pretext that the more views the truer the thread is. It deliberately plays on the logical fallacy of argumentum ad populum (truth is determined by the number of people who...
  14. revjohn

    A Summary of Statements--Nashville, Denver and Nazareth Article 6

    Hi All, Hmmmmmm. I see the tyranny of normalcy creeping into the language of the statement and I have to say that concerns me. It concerns me because it relegates individuals created in the image and likeness of God to second class status. There is a hint that some are free from disorder...
  15. revjohn

    A Summary of Statements--Nashville, Denver and Nazareth Article 5

    Hi All, Hard to deny the affirmation. We do have technology which can get around the biological structure issue when it comes to procreation. Of course the position limits self-conception to procreation and we are then forced to deal with what infertility means to self-conception. Or even...
  16. revjohn

    A Summary of Statements--Nashville, Denver and Nazareth Article 4

    Sorry about the delay. I was distracted by other things. There are obvious differences between male and female. It would seem that those variations account for the ability of the human race to procreate. Those differences do not appear to demonstrate any inherent inequality especially not...
  17. revjohn

    GC-42 Recall

    It happens every now and then that the business of the Church requires the Plenary of General Council to be recalled to discuss matters of some significance. Yesterday was such a day for the Commissioners of GC-42 as we met electronically to discuss four proposals. The first proposal and...
  18. revjohn

    Reformers Reiterate Some Salient Points

    Must be Statement season in the Church. Here is one that is relevant to those of us who love the "R" Reformed Churches. Reforming Catholic Confession Beware if you have TULIP allergies, it is in there.
  19. revjohn

    A Summary of Statements--Nashville, Denver and Nazareth Article 3

    Hi All, Same drill. For the most part neither the affirmation nor the denial are objectionable. The distinctness element is going to provide an objection for some. At any rate it is an honest telegraph of where the Nashville signatories stand and how they have chosen to interpret God's...
  20. revjohn

    A Summary of Statements--Nashvile, Denver and Nazareth Article 2

    Second Article, you know the drill. Beginning with the affirmation I don't think that there is much that many Christians would disagree with. Any expressions of Christianity which do not affirm the concepts of fidelity within marriage and celibacy outside of marriage are outliers on the...