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  1. revjohn

    Is the BIBLE is THE WORD of GOD? In 7 minutes - Dr. Ravi Zacharias at University of Illinois

    Hmmmmm. The thread title rings some bells. No. The Bible is not THE WORD of God. Jesus is THE WORD of God. Typically we ease up on the caps a smidge to avoid the appearance of screaming and claim that Jesus is the Word of God. The Bible is considered the word of God or described as...
  2. revjohn

    Pro athletes: Are they overpaid?

    Salaries are what the market will bear and the result of private enterprise. Their salary is not indicative of their societal contribution. It is indicative of their fiscal benefit to a franchise. Same as for many CEO's right? Their salary likely wouldn't be such a sore point if we felt they...
  3. revjohn

    Not sure about having kids

    That is something that needs further attention. It can take a lot of personal effort not to repeat the mistakes of previous generations. I wrestled with that a great deal. I think I survived by finding new and unique mistakes. Sorry kids. Not necessarily My wife and I combined for 8...
  4. revjohn

    An Hypothetical.

    Now you get to give mosquito season a test drive.
  5. revjohn


    Daisy? She is a mix of Labrador and Duck Tolling Retrievers. Some beaver and kangaroo in the mix also it would seem. Girl can leap.
  6. revjohn


    Yup. Youngish moose.
  7. revjohn


    A brief welcome to our place. Daisy and Qball look down Red Cliff Road.
  8. revjohn


    As we were ripping through the bush on Newfoundland's Great Northern Peninsula (we are back in St. Anthony now for a spell) I came across this and was very pleased. I called Daisy over to have a look and she went bonkers trying to get it away from me. I've offered it to her several times. She...
  9. revjohn


    Not a pet picture so much as a discovery made by a pet. Daisy flushed momma and when she flew fast and low rather than gaining altitude I figured something was odd. Once she gave Daisy the slip Daisy returned and began to nose around. A moment later her tail was wagging furiously and she was...
  10. revjohn


    I was trying to read a new theology book and somebody was trying to get some attention without being too obvious about it.
  11. revjohn


    This is a pic of Daisy waiting to play a favourite outdoor game called, "Push you down the stairs" It's played just like it sounds. So far I haven't lost a match.
  12. revjohn

    An Hypothetical.

    It wasn't the threat of punishment which first attracted so removing that threat doesn't change the attraction. Beyond that hell is multifacetted and punishment is not the facet that gets the most ink. In the scriptures themselves. That some focus almost exclusively on the judgment passages...
  13. revjohn


    Not really an either/or so much as a both/and.
  14. revjohn

    Does Your Relationship With God, Match Your Expectations?

    Trying to remember what my initial expectations were. As for current expectations and how they shape relationship. I do not expect that a relationship with God means easy street. Taking up your cross and following points more to calvary than party. So suffering without suffering alone is an...
  15. revjohn

    Coming Out?

    I have no idea. Speaks to a level of privilege I never appreciated possessing. I've never really experienced hatred just for being. I've been considered suspect because of relugious affiliations. Redeemer (conservative) was suspicious because I was UCCAN and VST was suspicious because I had...
  16. revjohn

    You sir, are no Tommy Douglas

    I find it interesting, with the alleged fiscal acumen of Conservatism Premier Ford had to reach as far back as Tommy Douglas to find a Premier who managed a budget well. And it was the NDP whom Ford and others in the ONPC have constantly complained about. Curious. And Keifer is right. Doug...
  17. revjohn

    D-Day and the fading past

    Well, when the last veteran from WW2 passes we still have veterans from Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan and action in Somalia and Serbia. It isn't like war is going away. Humanity not ready to learn from those horrors just yet.
  18. revjohn

    Beyond Meat - vegetarian food finally goes mainstream?

    I tried the A&W Beyond Beef burger. It was edible. It was not tasteless. I wouldn't hesitate to eat another. That said, if there were options it wouldn't likely be first choice. So far nothing tops San Frano's double special burg. The only thing from my place of origin I truly miss.
  19. revjohn

    "Atheist Overreach" by Christian Smith

    People still doing good are no threat to God's Sovereignty No. It is not. You are confusing predeterminism with predestination. Predeterminism is the doctrine which claims humans merely play parts that are already scripted for them. Predestination is the doctrine which claims God elects...
  20. revjohn

    Raptors Rapture

    Not Raptors related but very obliquely related to Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment. The Newfoundland Growlers captured the Kelly Cup last night putting a big huge bow on their inaugural season in the ECHL. I'm torn. I like to support my adopted province in most things. The Growlers are a...