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  1. ChemGal

    Road trip Canada

    Alberta - a fair bit of country. Feist, Jann Arden, Tegan & Sara. The Polyjesters, a groups I've enjoyed live & danced to multiple times.
  2. ChemGal

    How do I post a PDF file on one of my posts?

    If you click the Attach files button, underneath the text box for posting, it will bring up a box with the files on your computer, find the one you want and click open.
  3. ChemGal

    Movies you'd like to see

    Chemguy described it to me and it really didn't sound good. I thought that they would basically lose the human faces. With human expressions though, doesn't look so bad. Not something I would seek to go out to, but wouldn't say no if it was a group decision/would watch it on a streaming service.
  4. ChemGal


    3 although half asleep and in pain can be a 4th. haha yep, I can usually tell, although sometimes I'll add something for a different condition ie. half asleep, know I won't pay attention now, but something I do want to watch when alert.
  5. ChemGal

    Room For All

    Eep this rain needs to stop for a bit! It absolutely just POURED from the sky for a bit. Very little visibility and then when it lightened up the street was flooded until the rain stopped for a few minutes, allowing the storm drains to catch up. My garden boxes drain well, the area around them...
  6. ChemGal

    Religion and vaccine refusal are linked

    There are those in developing countries who have a high degree of distrust when it comes to vaccines. ie. https://www.cbc.ca/news/thenational/national-today-newsletter-polio-pakistan-pei-election-work-1.5107180 Some of that is religion linked.
  7. ChemGal

    Birds & Gardens

    The few tomato plants that I put in the garden boxes instead of pots really didn't grow tall this year, they moreso bushed out. Same variety as the past. Not sure if it's because of the weather.
  8. ChemGal

    Birds & Gardens

    Not here, things that like it cool are thriving. No bolting of the broccolini.
  9. ChemGal

    Room For All

    I'm feeling low. Worked out, that saps energy. This has been quite a cool summer, garden is so far behind. Some heat finally allowed it to take off, but unless Sept stays warm it likely won't be enough for many things. Chemguy is gone (just a few days). I miss the somewhat sporadic get...
  10. ChemGal

    Last Post Thread

    I actually got out for a walk Tues and yesterday - went to lake for late morning both days. Weather was nice, sunny warm but not ridiculously hot.
  11. ChemGal


    Did you know that Neflix has a limit of how many things you can put on your list? I discovered this when I kept getting an error message when trying to add new things, so searched. Limit is 500. I often forget to take things of that I have watched and I have quite a long list of maybe when in...
  12. ChemGal

    Last Post Thread

    I think the hail the city got was all a bit further North, or if we did get it I slept through it. I worked out this morning outside, it wasn't pleasant! Windy and cool.
  13. ChemGal

    Last Post Thread

    Where is our summer? So much rain and fairly cool, been about 11C for a good portion of the day. So much rain that some people who attempted to drive through an underpass had to have the water rescue firefighters show up with a boat to get them out...
  14. ChemGal


    Sounds like a good plan, as long as relationships stay intact ie. things like the friend paying rent & for the shared overnight support, plus visitor issues. The housing assistant likely has the biggest potential for problems, but as long as you find the right people, and always have someone who...
  15. ChemGal


    She was around at the earlier stages but I do remember her fairly well so she had stuck around for a while. Not sure how active she was in the last few years of the site though. I recall her posting a fair bit on the friendly social threads.
  16. ChemGal

    tired of life?

    Has he already had some care for his mental health? If not, that would be my starting place, having (likely multiple) discussions about how that has the possibility to help and what's the harm in trying it out. Looking to see what's available for seniors groups in the area may be helpful too.
  17. ChemGal


    One of the profile pictures she used.
  18. ChemGal

    Room For All

    Sorry to hear that Bette.
  19. ChemGal

    Perimenopause Sucks

    I got funny looks when I used a courtesy scooter at Walmart - I had to be out of the house for something or else I would have been resting on the couch, decided not to waste being dressed and already driving - and stood up to get things off the shelf. Ummm clearly it's not my own, if I was...
  20. ChemGal

    Naloxone Kit

    You've never carried one though (of any type)? I thought out of all of us, because of what you used to do you would be one who maybe does carry it.