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  1. ChemGal

    Illnesses & Travel

    It seems like often times the initial outbreaks in Canada from vaccine preventable illnesses come from international travel. Lately we hear about measles, but hepatitis A is often another issue. Should we allow people into the country for non-emergencies if they haven't been vaccinated? We...
  2. ChemGal

    Font Colours

    It's possible to change the font colour from the default either before or after typing. To do it before, do the below before you start typing the section you want coloured, to do so after, highlight the section you want coloured and then do the below: Click the image Either: Pick one of the...
  3. ChemGal

    Posting Images, Video & Media Version 2

    Since the update we now have more options for posting pictures. The old ways are still possible: Info to come on the new options!
  4. ChemGal

    Kids Birthday Parties

    Curious who you invite/who invites you to young childrens' birthday parties. My nephews I expect. Friends though I never really expected, and sometimes I think other people think it's slightly odd when I am there with no kids of my own (and then other ones there are a bunch of adults without...
  5. ChemGal

    David Stephan - Again

    Calgary Health Show scrubs appearance by David Stephan | CBC News Why do people keep hiring him to speak and why include his business? I saw a fair bit of info last night, there were multiple business who were being listed as sponsors who claimed to have nothing to do with it too. Bizarre. I...
  6. ChemGal


    Unspeakable airs tomorrow, it's about the tainted blood scandal. Unspeakable creator has inside perspective on Canada's tainted blood scandal | CBC News I'm interested to watch, but also a bit hesitant as I've had some pretty overwhelming feelings at times regarding how easily I could have made...
  7. ChemGal

    Loyalty Programs

    Curious what people find are worth it vs. not. Chemguy bought a MEC giftcard as a gift. I forgot to mention that I had a membership, but it was tied to my number which he knows so figured he would just try it. Nope, he complained quite loudly when they suggested he buy a membership just to...
  8. ChemGal

    Impaired Driving Screening

    I'm concerned with where we are headed with screening drivers. Some provinces put changes in within the last decade where there are immediate consequences for failure to blow. Now in Canada there's the right to ask for a breath sample, even without any suspicion that someone is impaired. I have...
  9. ChemGal

    Suggestions for Specific Types of Board Books

    My youngest nephew loves books with moving bits - pull tab, flip books, etc. He is super rough on them though. I have found there are ones where things pop up by sliding them out with a spot for a finger within them. There's multiple by the same group, but they are all animal based and don't...
  10. ChemGal

    Healthcare Demands

    When someone wants/demands something from the healthcare system, what should actually be provided? What criteria should be met? Some of the MAID thread brings up these questions, but personal experiences with hospitals brings this up too.
  11. ChemGal

    Amber Alert Terms

    The recent Amber Alert here used the term mulatto. I was a bit surprised to see that, as I've only come across it before in an American context where it was used as a slur. I wasn't even certain what the term meant, I knew it was related to mixed race, but off the top of my head wasn't certain...
  12. ChemGal


    I knew there were some changes coming up to the age for starting school. I thought it was in opposition to redshirting, but it's actually encouraging it more, while narrowing the age gap between the youngest and the oldest within a grade. Currently, if a child is 6 as of Sept 1 they must start...
  13. ChemGal

    Don't you hate it when you put your arm around someone ...

    and you accidentally grope their breast? Oh wait, that is not something I have ever done. Also even if an accident, one's side feels vastly different from their breast. I do not have the figure of Ariana Grande, but still my side feels significantly firmer. Ellis had his fingers poking into...
  14. ChemGal

    Travel - Staying Together or Not

    When you travel (non-business) how much do you stick with your spouse/partner? Writing here while I was in Calgary made me realize our way of handling our stay might seem odd to others - I mostly slept at my parents', he at his. I can't imagine my parents doing the same thing. He sometimes...
  15. ChemGal

    Secure Site Update

    Wondercafe2 is now set up on HTTPS and not just HTTP. The S stands for secure, due to encryption Please start using the secure version, and if you use a bookmark to get here, change your bookmark. You can either delete the old one by right clicking on it and selecting delete, and then adding...
  16. ChemGal

    Eating Weeds

    Does anyone here eat 'weeds' (are they actually weeds at that point?) from areas where you know it's safe - typically your own yard or garden? How did you start? Was someone with you the first time showing you what was safe, or did you just rely on books/online resources? I hear from quite a...
  17. ChemGal

    Blood Products in Canada

    Yikes! Where are we heading? http://myemail.constantcontact.com/Private-payers-statement.html?soid=1121761819170&aid=5PjhzSuFgY4
  18. ChemGal

    Travel & Pre-Existing Conditions

    Waiting for one call, but I'm finding very little travel insurance that covers most basic per-exisiting conditions. Initially it appears that they do, but almost all have a stability clause. Basically, if any symptoms have changed or any medication has changed within a certain period of time...
  19. ChemGal

    Response to Jae

    Not sure why you have illness in quotes as you do. I have shared quite a bit of my health struggles. As for research scientists it would be quite rare for one to be doing it independently. Many are not making much money. I have never done any research that would be considered nanotechnology...
  20. ChemGal

    How much money would it take for you to move?

    How much of a salary increase, or a lump sum would convince you to move to another city/town? A place where all the 'needs' are there (for me, I have good enough medical access even if it's not a major center) but not all the wants you enjoy in a place?