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Nominations for Council 2019-2020

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It's time for nominations for the 2019-2020 council.

Thanks to Mendalla, Pinga, Chemgal, Revsdd, Northwind, RedBaron, BettetheRed and DaisyJane for their work this last year.

For this upcoming year, we have one vacancy as Revsdd has completed...

Edit Time Limit Change

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Effectively immediately, the following changes have been put into place based on discussions on the boards and in Council.
  • You now have 30 minutes in which to edit a post after hitting Post Thread, up from 15.
    • Be aware...

Game of Thrones?

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A freewheeling thread to discuss both the original novel series and the TV series.

Living in Canada as a foreigner

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My wife is from Québec, and some months ago we were discussing moving to Canada in a few years. In May, though, she's visited her family and decided she wanted to anticipate the moving. So we bought the tickets and moved to Lachute, Québec, on...

How was church today?

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So, we haven't had one of these threads going for a while and I always found it interesting to see what other churches were up to. With the new church year under way for most congregations, thought it a good time to get a new one going (and I'm...

Room For All

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In November 2010 I started a thread on Wondercafe called "Room For All". My hope was that it would be a safe space to share life's joys, challenges, celebrations, concerns, and the everyday bits of our lives that make us who we are. Little did I...