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    Common Sense

    Difficult to learn from the things we believe we control. We look at such things as disposable tools and not cherished teachers.
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    Common Sense

    Only aboard a ship of fools is such an idea common sense. In a grander context it passes for nonsense. Enduring adversity is less about fabricating a reason to be happy and more about persevering with the knowledge that adversity, no matter how persistent, is not the absolute shape of reality...
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    UnVaccinated Minors Banned From Public Places - Rockland County, NY
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    Zero Members: 2040

    If we did the same kind of study of the very same denominations in the 1950's we would have had a very different projection of what 2040 would have looked like. Clearly something changed that nobody saw looking forward. So, is it possible that these current predictions are also failing to see...
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    Don Cherry Fired.

    I loved Peter Puck YouTube still has him. Seriously though, if you want to grow the sport among immigrants there is no better way that to take time to explain what is happening and why. Quite a few rule changes since Peter first slid onto the ice.
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    Don Cherry Fired.

    My understanding is that Sportsnet approached Cherry sometime Sunday the 10th with the intention of finding a way forward that would satisfy both the network and the personality. Cherry did not like what was asked of him so he refused to comply and that ends the working relationship. Given the...
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    How was church today?

    Well, we had the Lt. Gov of NL in attendence. She is a member of George Street United but has a fairly busy schedule. We also had the top brass in NL of the RCMP which was the biggest police presence in a while. We also had top brass from the Coast Guard in attendence. It was a busy service...
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    Why does the United Church of Canada perform Communion?

    Why we celebrate the Lord's Supper? WE celebrate the Lord's Supper because we believe it is one of two sacraments given to the Church and that the celebration of these sacraments makes visible the means of grace. We see, taste, touch, experience God's generosity in our public worship and our...
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    7 lies about Christianity which (some? many?) Christians believe

    I have never believed any of the listed myths. I can not recall ever being taught any of the listed myths. Not sure which flavour of Christianity is supposed to believe all of the listed myths. I suspect that it is not a main stream of the faith.
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    Will You Wear a Poppy?

    I am currently wearing a Poppy and will continue to wear it until Remembrance Day. How do I feel about Remembrance Day? I just finished the first draft of my Remembrance Sunday Sermon. Not sure how many edits will happen between now and Sunday. I think that Remembrance Day is rarely completed...
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    4 years and 9 days

    I empathize. As a younger man starting out in married life my biggest fear was that I was my father's son. That at some point I would prove an unfit husband and father myself. That I would make a decision, or worse, a series of decisions which ultimately betrayed those I loved the most. I...
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    Is Human Activity Primarily Responsible for Global Climate Change?

    My belief? I suspect that the bottom line of climate change is both/and. Natural climate change would be slower. Human progress exacerbates problems before it solves them. Does humanity have the ability to destroy the world? Sure we do. Will God intervene and prevent us from doing so just...
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    How was church today?

    It is an option. I have done this before. Mind you the absence of one central aisle means that I would need to be mindful of spending time moving right or left rather than forward and/or back. I have a lapel mic so that shouldn't be an issue. Apart from that is just logistics. Where do I...
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    Electric cars

    Given my driving habits currently electric is very doable. We might need to rely on the truck to get us from Logy Bay to St. Anthony. Since we typically try to complete the 1058 km trip in a day I don't know that the number of charges needed and the time it would take to make those charges...