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    Reminder: Volcanoes are dangerous

    Our Aussie P.M. addressed us this morning -seems most of the casualties were Aussies. (We're rather partial to holidays across the ditch). Bur, regardless of where they're from, many families will sit down to a sad Christmas this year.....
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    Lust of the flesh, porn, erotica........

    Re porn and erotica....... My introduction to porn was when my then boyfriend took me to the local drive-in to see a porn movie. (Yes, it was a very long time ago!) Even then, the sex wasn't very titillating - all male heaving and thrusting the poor women against walls, trees, etc. The hero was...
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    Mary. Mother of Jesus. Badass!

    It was interesting when we were shown this image at theological college..... on the one hand I accepted that this was far more realistic than the European image I had in my own mind. But, truth be told, I "wanted" Jesus to look more like the familiar Jesus that is portrayed in European/...
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    Mary. Mother of Jesus. Badass!

    As a 1st century Jewish man from the Middle East this is more likely how Jesus looked. Er, if this is androgynous - the strident feminists are doing well!
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    Condolences thread for Ritafee and Geofee' mother

    My condolences to George, Rita and families....... Our mother is our first love.
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    Mary. Mother of Jesus. Badass!

    Interesting article....... It's refreshing to have a feminist critique of mainstream Christianity. Once Christianity became part of the Roman Empire under Constantine, it became part of the way of governing people under a defined structure based on power. Those that had power were men -and...
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    Fires in Australia

    Much of the interior has sparse vegetation or desert. The far north is tropical. I worked in Darwin for two very hot years and the climate was divided into the Wet and the Dry. For approx. six months it rained just about every day -and for approx. six months we didn't have any rain. The Wet was...
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    Fires in Australia

    Cockroaches will outlast EVERYTHING!
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    Speaking of Aboriginal Culture ... let's look at their 'High Gods'

    The land owns us -contrast that with how "advanced" cultures have used the land for our own purposes and brought about man-made climate change........
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    Speaking of Aboriginal Culture ... let's look at their 'High Gods' Check out this site on Aboriginal religion...... All religion is best studied in context. Many religions have a creation story -a story based on not knowing, but wondering why and how. Personally, I'm rather drawn to the aboriginal concept of...
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    Fires in Australia

    When I was in California earlier this year they did!
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    Fires in Australia Some more info on the bushfires.....
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    Fires in Australia

    Except no Aussie would call them "shrimps" - we call them prawns.... (When Paul Hogan did a commercial to get more North Americans to visit us as tourists he said "shrimps" because we know that's what Americans say!)......
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    Fires in Australia Information on how aboriginals managed/manage fire in Australia....
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    Fires in Australia

    Yes, of course he'll be charged - some folks lost their homes. The penalties are severe for lighting fires when there is a prohibition on lighting any fires - no barbecues, nothing!