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    Oh Smug Canada

    ROLFOLLMBTRI! Lol Quite :3 *giggle* good Academic Protestant Smug. #MutualAid #BeNotAfraid #SystemicWhimsey #JoyPrivilege
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    Social Distancing - any movies, podcasts, music, books, games etc you'd recommend?

    @Nutmeg and I have watched a Amazon Prime series that is...its unique. Its called Tales from the Loop and is based on art by Simon Stalenhag. It has 8 episodes so far. I'm trying to describe it. It is Science Fiction, not the Puzzle...
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    Novel Coronavirus

    I do hope she wears 2 masks (n95 is the best) and eye covering of some sort. #MutualAid #BeNotAfraid #SystemicWhimsey #JoyPrivilege
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    Create your own world system boot buildings are actually alive? Grown buildings? Cities? Having to groom and feed your home? Hopefully not take it for walkies lol #MutualAid #BeNotAfraid #SystemicWhimsey #JoyPrivilege
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    PARC : Unseen hand of the information age

    Neet Mendalla What inspires you to write aboot PARC? #MutualAid #BeNotAfraid #SystemicWhimsey #JoyPrivilege
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    Create your own world system

    What a NEET thread. I so love worldbuilding and SF. G_ddess created us in Her image. Create! I am still cogitating over my own creation Glad for all the musings so far. I do wish, since this is all theoretical, that Graeme could invent something, his world as opposed to the real world...
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    Happy Birthday

    I have no idea. That part of my life is in my past. Lol This is actually the Fun Forum. You want the Smug Political Canadian thread :3 Which I have made. Oh Smug Canada. Have fun :3 #MutualAid #BeNotAfraid #SystemicWhimsey #JoyPrivilege
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    Oh Smug Canada

    Let this be a thread where we Canadians get to let loose with our smugness. A safe enough space for smugosity. I am proud to be a citizen of the worldz smuggest country Lets start with Rick Green (I also fondly remember an accidental smugness incident: an old roomiez friend happened to be...
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    Weird cool SCIENCE! Stuff : The Return

    This looks like too much fun Also, our cousins are pretty smart. Plus there is an actual physical image that will screw up your vision just by looking at it for a certain period of time that can last...
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    Coronavirus and mental health

    If anyone remembers how they felt/feel during the alien reality of 3 month lockdown, or when watching all thise suffering, the riots, the racism against black police etc... If you ever had a feeling where your old reality (prolly called "normal") was being overlain by the alien reality, that...
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    Hear The Truth from The Great Duck Dynasty Commander Phil Robertson Himself ----What's ruining America

    I like Patz opening aboot listening 2 someone who knows how to use a shotgun lol Neet @unsafe, ty for sharing this. I never would've watched something like this. The married couple are quite ordinary people and I like some of their jokes. I connexion with his saying that America the...
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    Who’s to Blame for the Riots? Sermon by John MacArthur

    @unsafe Jesus is the cure I'm glad for the peaceful demonstrations. Abhor the hate-and-ressentiment-fueled riots--Wokeism is now free range mixed with a multitude of other tribes. Destroying history. And what happens when they get the ones who are using the wokists to ger their way? If its...
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    Novel Coronavirus

    The information is there I just have to dig beyond Corporate media to find it; here there is too much uneven focus on covid deaths. Fear sells papers. We know the problems with Corporate media. Doesnt help that tribalism seems to be powerful here. Its so bad that even Centrists can be hated...
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    Novel Coronavirus

    Potential good news for US (I've found I've had to hunt a bit for it as MSM/Corporate news is still riding high on doom and gloom) #MutualAid #BeNotAfraid...
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    Moments of wonder

    Hey there! Took the words right out of my fingertips; I was cogitating on doing a thread on Wonder. And here one is. Thank you. One of my specialities, Wonder. *cracks idea bearing hips* hang on