Location: demense of peat, city of jewels, wet coast, upper merryca, the world above the words
Occupation: Convivial sentient, Spiritual Philosopher, Magician, Jackanape, Bore

How does this think work? OWCH HE-----

Currently living through the Crazy Years (a la Heinlein) and the Apocalypse of the Imagination and the Long March through the Institutions...

Words of wisdom brought to you by an insane person

My LordLady (or ive heard of 2-face but this is getting ridiculous)

[Image: Three-Faced Trinity, Peru 1750-70, Wadsworth Museum of Art, Hartford CT]
Religious Identification
Omnivorous Follower of the Divine Risen Jew
Religious Group
WC, Humanity, Earth, may you never thirst


Megavolt: Aha! All is lost! No one can save you now! You're chemistry!
Students: Huh?
Megavolt: No, not chemistry. Math! Is that-- No, uh-- History! That's it. You're history!