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    I thought it was interesting, but with the beginning I thought it was going to be way more of a cultish thing. Some of the details were a bit surprising, but to me it just came down to powerful religious people rubbing shoulders with politicians, no big surprise there.
  2. ChemGal

    Doctors And Ethics

    The thing I didn't understand was with the first case the College was saying the province didn't give them enough ability to prevent a doctor from practicing. That one was really confusing to me, and I still don't understand that. I know that other licencing bodies have that capability...
  3. ChemGal

    Doctors And Ethics

    There is actually a chaperone course, so someone doesn't need the training that a nurse has to be present. Patients should have the right to decide who they want present though. I have been asked for clear consent when medical students were present, plus they left for an examination. There are...
  4. ChemGal

    Doctors And Ethics

    In the first case, it was pretty clear he was guilty. In the 2nd, it has not yet gone to trial, so I don't think too many details are known, as there would be legal consequences. It happened on a family vacation with a child relative. In the 3rd, I was surprised no details could be found...
  5. ChemGal

    Lip Sync Battle

    Have you watched any of these before? It's a show done for Spike, but most of them are on youtube, although the entire episode is rarely there. Many of the shows have the format of 2 competitors, each does a basic lip sync, low on props and then they each perform their showier one - backup...
  6. ChemGal

    Doctors And Ethics

    I would at the very least like to see doctors being suspended during an investigation when what's alleged to have happened is a big risk factor to vulnerable groups (so things like assault - sexual or not, possession of child porn, domestic abuse, hate crimes, etc). If it needs to be with pay...
  7. ChemGal

    Doctors And Ethics

    Right now, I don't think doctors are being held to a high enough standard when it comes to ethical behaviour, particularly when it comes to the harassment and assault of others. When they engage in criminal activity that is directly harmful to others but is not workplace related, how should...
  8. ChemGal

    Last Post Thread

    I hope you can get it sorted out without too much difficulty.
  9. ChemGal

    Life is What Happens When You’re Busy Making Plans

    I'm not a spontaneous person. I do procrastinate. For a week's trip that far away I would be getting some laundry done, figuring out if I need to get more meds (blood bank stuff and supplies would be getting too late to order). I could see possibly having suitcases out if Chemguy would be...
  10. ChemGal

    Internet Browser Extensions

    Oh yeah, need to get something. Chemguy put adblocker on a long time ago for me, but I think that was firefox prior to one of their big upgrades. I dunno why I've been so lazy about not putting it on. I do actually like some of the facebook ads as it's more news stories. Not sure if I'll...
  11. ChemGal

    Birds & Gardens

    @Lastpointe I am jealous! Parts of the province had frost overnight. We weren't there but all the overnight single digits this summer have really stalled things. Days over 25 last year was something like 53. This year, we've only hit 19 days that warm. It really shows which tomatoes are...
  12. ChemGal

    Internet Browser Extensions

    I really haven't sought out many of these. I have used some on and off for screenshots, one I used stopped working, so now I use Lightshot. I finally decided to get an app for recipes. I think I had signed up for a website to store recipes a long time ago and I also recall getting messages...
  13. ChemGal

    Seeler's complaints

    Ooh, cleaning the fridge is on the to-do list. I feel like that would take out everything I could manage for a day. We do get cleaners in. I'm hoping we can manage to not have a full fridge for a bit, and I can get them to do a good washing of a removable part or 2. I guess I could always...
  14. ChemGal

    Room For All

    Yikes that's a lot for 1 load! I used to have to run the washing machine before even doing a load because of other people putting in too much detergent. I would hope that at least the laundry mat keeps the machines clean.
  15. ChemGal

    Last Post Thread

    I don't even think they have a stall the indoor one by me. Closest greenhouse has a market on Wednesdays that I haven't been too, I wonder what's there. I saw a list quickly and there was quite a bit of MLM companies.