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Waaaay back on the old WC site, it was often comical to see how two consecutive thread titles can be read together to create absurdity.
First example:

What does the Resurrection mean to you?
Photographing the Unphotographable.

The idea is to find those two Latest Post titles that are silly when you read them together.
Admittedly, this thread will be slow since we're not as active as the old WC, but it could prompt a "chortle" now and then. ("Chortle" was the word used in the original thread).
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Luce NDs

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Is it difficult to dig up an unseen hole ... or is it just something alien to fall into ... when presented to you as a curiosity?

This is spacious enough to store in the spatial dimension ... some don't comprehend space as it doesn't appear all that real like stones to be turned and tossed ... through Eire ... I saw some of eM going as some spooks were trying to break out ...

Might'a been a myth ... it was cloudy, fuzzy and ghostly as an aspi ration ... somewhat snaky ... like some things that may wiggle into a bed roll! Thus the myth turns ...

Is absurdity part of something physical ... or just an analytic deviation to indicate potential of nothing as an act of dementia? Thus it wasn't ... as au contraire opposing the options in Orpheus! With all eM involved in the observation ... porne morphes into empty space ... a dark condition to be sure of creating shadows of doubt ... of what was seen!

Thus caches of stones are stacked ... making an occasion of something ... and mounds are built out of nothing ... nonetheless someone came out of the incident sensing something different than prior ... tour as gentile bull (taurus?) is the command leaving no traces or footprints ... perhaps considerable scudding along in the breeze ... so there'll be something to chew over in coming Deis ... if diurnal some time could be pieced together as Pi ... thus the go round!

Alien information as foreign intelligence is also questionable ... as a virtual unknown in a people that forget great quantities ... thus qualities of intangible spatial thought ... few have BS in such far out Eire!

If hairy it could be primate ... if bauld that's something else ... thus the whole concept could be extended ...
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